Importance of HVAC Repairs

HVAC repairs are costly, which is why preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your home comfortable year-round. Having your units serviced in the spring and fall can help ensure they are working properly, resolve minor issues that could become major issues, and even save money on your utility bills. HVAC Repair Industry Standards. [Read more…]

Home Energy Performance: A Key to Living Comfortably

Everyone wants to have a comfortable home, which is why checking home energy performance is important. We spend a lot of time in our homes, so keeping them at peak efficiency while remaining comfortable for family and guests should be the goal of every homeowner. Home Energy Performance Consultation A home energy performance evaluation begins. [Read more…]

How to Choose the Right HVAC System for your Home

Replacing an HVAC system is a big investment for any homeowner, which means choosing the right system is extremely important. Unfortunately, there are no dressing rooms to “try on” an HVAC system before you buy it, so making the right decision from the beginning is critical.  When a new system is installed properly and is. [Read more…]

Five Preventative HVAC Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect when it comes to preventative maintenance at home, and that includes taking proper preventative HVAC measures.  However, these five mistakes could actually reduce the life of your HVAC system and cost you a significant amount in energy bills over time. Changing Filters Probably the biggest and most common mistake homeowners make as part. [Read more…]

Air Conditioning Care | Help Your AC Last Longer

Let’s face it; nobody is perfect when it comes to maintaining our homes. So to help, here are a few preventative air conditioning care tips.  Though commonly over looked, these HVAC care tips could really end up saving you in the long run. For more information contact Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating by calling (972)375-9937. [Read more…]

Spencer Air Conditioning | Heating Technician is a “Guardian Angel”

Liz Thiele says she has been a loyal customer of Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating for many years, and when she called them to send a technician to check on a loud rattle in one of her home’s air conditioning units, she had no idea that Jamal Watson, the technician who arrived, was a guardian. [Read more…]

Matt’s Minute | Home Owner Tips for Common Spring AC Problems

No one ever wants to be slapped with an unexpected air conditioning repair just before the hot summer season arrives, especially seeing as we are still mired in a struggling economy. These home owner tips may help you avoid some of the most common spring air conditioning problems, and prevent the need for panicked calls to. [Read more…]

Air Ducts Series: Part 3 of 3 | How To Complete A Home Air Quality Test

A home air quality test is not something the average homeowner can do on his or her own.  Such a test requires a certified technician to come in and test not only the home air quality, but diagnose how effective your ductwork is functioning as well.  Not only does this process require special skills and. [Read more…]

Air Duct Series: Part 2 of 3 | Importance of Testing Home Air Quality

Testing home air quality is one of the first steps toward creating a cleaner, healthier home for your family. Healthy home air quality is directly related to clean air ducts, as mold and mildew find that ductwork is a wonderful place to live. Mold and Mildew Moisture in ducts, caused by the normal operation of your. [Read more…]

Air Duct Series: Part 1 of 3 | Benefits of Home Air Testing

One of the best ways to determine if your air ducts are functioning properly is through home air testing to determine whether the air your family is breathing contains pollutants.  Let’s face it: we face enough risks every day, between driving on crowded roads in rush hour, playing catch in the front yard with our. [Read more…]