The Importance of Good Duct Work

Owning your own home comes with host of responsibilities. In the midst of taking care of your house, it is very likely that the ductwork design for your air conditioning system rarely crosses your mind…and that’s ok!  You’ve got enough things on your mind already. That’s why we are here to put together handy lists of ways for you to save money, extend the life of your air conditioning system and have a comfortable home.  Proper ductwork design ensures that your house maintains an evenly distributed temperature whether it is hot or cold outside. So when we say air duct design, what exactly do we mean?  Your air duct system includes the duct themselves, supply and return assemblies, fittings, grilles, boots and registers.  Here are a few objectives of an efficient duct design in your home: · Ductwork should provide the right amount of cool or heated air, regardless of the amount of air required · Ducts should be correctly sized, meaning that the pressure drop across the air handler is kept within manufacturer specifications · Ducts should be properly sealed to maximize airflow and prevent outside air from entering the home. · The ductwork should have properly balanced supply and return airflows to keep a neutral household pressure. · The ducting system minimizes air temperature gains and losses. It’s important to keep temperature discrepancies between the air handler and return and supply registers under control. Temperature variances too high or too low will lower air duct efficiency and increase energy bills. If you are experiencing inconsistent temperatures in your home or feel like your air conditioning system is constantly running with minimal results, then you might have issues with your air ducts.  In many situations, retrofitting an older aid duct system to optimize your HVAC system can be a great long term solution to your air conditioning problems.  At a minimum, sealing the entire air duct system or finding and fixing leaks is an easy step to stop energy loss and save money on energy bills.  Your friends at Spencer Air Conditioning are here and ready to answer your questions or to schedule an inspection of the air ducts in your home. Give us a call today at (972) 446-COOL (2665) or find out more at