Why Should I Get a Home Energy Test This Winter?

Not only does winter bring extremely cold temperature, but it also leaves some questions to the minds of many homeowners. Do I really need a home energy test? What it does and why is it so important? While this may seem like a lot of information, our professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating got. [Read more…]

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Winter?

Temperature, humidity, and cleanliness are the three factors that determine the quality of the air inside your home. If one of them is compromised, the airborne allergens and other harmful contaminants may thrive and can cause problems in your health. This winter, make sure to improve your indoor air quality by following these simple steps:. [Read more…]

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

It is a good thing that your heating system is there for the rescue when the cold starts to crawl inside your home. But what if you turned it on and did not work as expected? Then probably, something is not right in your unit! You are counting on your heat pump to feel comfortable,. [Read more…]

5 Benefits of Having a Comfort Maintenance Plan

Regular maintenance for your HVAC system this fall plays a critical role regarding dependability and efficiency. However, it is frequently neglected by many residential owners, particularly if their heating systems are functioning well or their units are still new. Take note that not every passing day is a lucky day for you and your HVAC. [Read more…]

The Importance of Thermostat for Your Irving, TX Home

Thermostats are the unsung heroes of most homes in Irving, TX. With their ability to control the HVAC system and adjust the indoor temperature, many homeowners did not realize that their thermostats are the reason why they experience optimum comfort right now. But there is more on this device than just offering comfort in your. [Read more…]

5 HVAC Mistakes to Avoid This Fall Season

Homeowners in Irving, TX are tasked with a lot of things to keep their house energy-efficient and comfortable this fall. While they concentrate more on major concerns like repair or unit replacement, they do not realize that even the simplest things like leaving their vents open can cause a significant impact on their overall comfort. [Read more…]

Preventing Frozen Pipes in Winter in Irving

The cold season will start wreaking havoc across Irving, TX very soon, causing great stress to public commuters and professionals who travel every day. The sad thing is that the problems brought on by the frosty days do not only end on the road. Inside every house, homeowners also deal with freezing and bursting pipes. [Read more…]

12 HVAC Maintenance Tips For The Fall

With the switch of weather, our HVAC system can also encounter phenomenal changes in its operation. We might be using our heating system more frequent than our cooling unit during the fall season. Together with these changes, it is important that you pay attention to the overall condition of your unit. Here are the 12. [Read more…]

Safe A/C Hacks For Comfortable and Efficient Summer

Summer is terrific, and we are used to it! Along with this idea, we understand that summer season does pose a few intense threats to our comfort. There is nothing worse than interrupted sleep or no sleep at all due to the unbearable temperature. Things do not have to be this way, though. As the. [Read more…]

3 Common Reasons a Home A/C Will Overheat and Shut Down

The hot summer weather is a great challenge to your air conditioning unit. And if your A/C is not in its best fighting condition, expect that it will overheat and shut down. So how do you make your unit in its best shape? Simple! Prevent the occurrence of these three scenarios that are causing your. [Read more…]