What is HEPA Filtration?

Odds are that you have heard of the specially designed air filters known as HEPA, but do you know what exactly they are?  Or what exactly makes them so special? HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate air.”  A HEPA home filtration system is a specially designed air purification system that can trap the vast majority of tiny particles that get kicked up in the air through the normal cleaning routine of dusting and vacuuming. This special filtration system comes in many varieties, but there are similarities that can be found in all of them. The main question that most homeowners have about this filtration system is simple – what are the benefits for my home? · A HEPA filter eliminates more dust from the air, keeping the air cleaner than any other system. Most of the dust particles which make their way into your HVAC system are too small for the naked eye, but these small amounts of dust can cause havoc on your home air quality. · Animal dander is one of the leading triggers for allergies and asthma in adults and children.  The effective particle filtration of the HEPA system can ensure these allergy-causing elements don’t make you or your family sick. · Even though HEPA filters may cost more initially, these air filters can actually save you money by reducing the clogging of your home filtration system, thus allowing your system to run more effectively. When you’re looking for HEPA filters, remember to look for the MERV rating, also known as the minimum efficiency reporting value rating. This is a rating from 1 to 20 that reflects the efficiency of the filter. A higher rating means better filtration.  Make sure the MERV rating matches the capabilities of your current system. One of our trained technicians can help you determine how high of a MERV rating your system can handle. Your friends at Spencer Air Conditioning are here and ready to answer your questions or help with your air conditioning problems. Give us a call today at (972) 446-COOL (2665) or find out more at

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