Troubleshooting a Programmable Thermostat

The installation of a programmable thermostat is one of the best investments you can make for your home. In fact, you can find multiple blogs where we have outlined all the advantages that a programmable thermostat provides if you are looking to save money and keep your home comfortable. So what do you do if your thermostat is experiencing problems? Your friends at Spencer are always available to answer any of your air conditioning questions, but here are five easy ways to troubleshoot your programmable thermostat. 1. Check the batteries — Most thermostats will alert you as to when the batteries are low, but if you’re experiencing problems with your heat or A/C controls, it never hurts to check. Even if there is no alert the batteries should be switched out after six months. Only use high performance types to ensure the most longevity. 2. Check the fuse — If the batteries don’t need to be replaced it’s possible that the filament inside the fuse has become separated. If this occurs, remove the fuse and show it to your local home improvement store employee. He or she will be able to find you a suitable replacement. 3. Test both systems — If you’re having a problem with either your heating or cooling equipment and the other system is operating fine, then your thermostat is not to blame. This is when you’d need to call a technician to ascertain the cause of the problem. If neither system is being controlled by the thermostat, however, it’s time for a replacement. 4. Replace the unit — Thermostats are built to last, but they will eventually wear out. If the unit is relatively new, check for a recall in case there’s a known issue, or if it’s under warranty, take advantage of a replacement. 5. Install the new device — All you need to do here is follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install your new thermostat which is an easy job most of the time. If you have any problems or if the installation doesn’t fix the problem, it’s time to call a trained HVAC technician who can look at your system as a whole. Your friends at Spencer Air Conditioning are here and ready to answer your questions or help with your air conditioning problems. Give us a call today at (972) 446-COOL (2665) or find out more at

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