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Easy Furnace tips

Easy Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Your furnace is your most dependable equipment to keep your home warm and comfy during the winter season. Unfortunately, just like any machinery, your heating system will sooner or later show signs of failure. Get to know these easy troubleshooting tips from Spencer Heating & Air Conditioning. Set Your Thermostat

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Heating and Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips

Heating and Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips

A great way to save energy is to replace your heating and air conditioning systems with a more efficient unit. However, this option isn’t always available to everyone. While you are not yet ready to replace your heating or cooling unit, here’s a guide to improving heating and air cooling

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Why Zone Heating Could Be Your Solution

High utility bills are every homeowner’s nightmare. But with winter now upon us, we are not willing to sacrifice comfort.  A great solution to save energy while meeting the needs of everyone in your family is with zone heating. Zone heating gives you the ability to adjust the temperature in

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Do You Have Drafts in Your Home?

Now that colder temperatures have hit, fireplaces are coming to life. You may have noticed it’s warm and cozy throughout your home except for those one or two areas that seem to stay cold. The cause can be drafts creating chilly spots and leaking away the hot air you paid

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What’s Causing That Yucky Smell?

You may have noticed the air coming out of your vents smells a little off. While some odors can be temporary, others can linger and not only be troublesome, they can indicate a problem with your HVAC unit. Two common smells that you should always address are smoke and mold

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When is it Time to Consider a New A/C Unit?

If your system is lagging and you’ve tossed around the idea of getting a new system, we have a checklist of questions for you to consider before making your decision. Not cooling well Higher energy bills: if your bills are higher than your neighbors or higher than in recent years,

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Why a Noisy Air Conditioner Needs Repair

There are some AC issues you cannot wait to repair. When your system is completely broken down in the summer, you want to get the problem resolved ASAP. But when the problem doesn’t really affect your day-to-day activities, you might not feel inclined to schedule service right away. Your central

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Is Your Home Winterized?

Are you feeling the stiffness in your joints and bones? Have you made an extra trip or two to Starbucks lately to warm up? Do you leave for work in the dark and get off when it’s dark outside? Then you know we are right in the middle of winter

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