Tips for Buying Aircon: How to Choose Air Conditioners Wisely

Tips for buying aircon
Just like the internet, having an air conditioner at home has started out as a luxurious amenity and has now turned into a necessity. And now that the summer is just around the corner, you should get your home ready for the summer comfort. When buying an air conditioner, a reliable air conditioning company Irving recommends the following guidelines. Cooling Capacity When buying an aircon, be sure that it has an adjustable thermostat and a minimum of two air cooling speeds. Also, it must have at least two fan speeds for variable speeds for different needs. Buy a unit with a British Thermal Unit (BTU) level made to fit to your home. A window air conditioner that has too little BTU power may operate continuously to cool a large building, which can increase your energy bills. Conversely, don’t go for an AC that is too large for your space. Energy Efficient At present, with skyrocketing electricity tariffs and increasing mercury levels, it is paramount to buy an air conditioner that is energy efficient. AC units with star-rated energy efficiency ratings or EER are a recommended choice by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE. Hence, AC units with higher star ratings consume lesser energy compared to one with lower stars. Window or Split AC Another important consideration when buying an air conditioner is whether you want a split AC or a window model. Obviously, this will largely depend on your personal preference. However, keep in mind that window units are a bit cheaper and easier to install, but split models are quieter. Price Don’t forget to look into the price when buying an air conditioner for your home this summer. While the price varies among brands, most homeowners spend between $3,702 and $7,132 for a new air conditioning unit. One reminder: higher star ratings and more features account for a higher price. If you’re buying an AC inverter, it usually costs 20 percent higher than a split model with 5-star rating. Air quality When installing air conditioners at home, indoor air quality is one of the most essential considerations. Here’s one tip: buying an air conditioner with a good filter because it can yield better quality indoor air. A quality air filter does not only ensure clean air for everyone, but it also improves the efficiency of your unit by preventing coil choking because of dust. Maintenance and cleaning Just like cars, AC units also need regular service in order to keep them in good shape and running at their optimum efficiency. Once your AC is installed, a quarter HVAC service is important. If you don’t have much knowhow in maintenance, contact your local HVAC specialist. Keep their number because overtime, you may need professional HVAC repair Irving TX in case your unit breaks down. Now that you know what to consider when buying an air conditioner, you can now contact your local air conditioning company Irving. The hot summer days are not fast approaching, so be sure to invest in a high quality air conditioner.