Heating and Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips

Heating and Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips
A great way to save energy is to replace your heating and air conditioning systems with a more efficient unit. However, this option isn’t always available to everyone. While you are not yet ready to replace your heating or cooling unit, here’s a guide to improving heating and air cooling efficiency at home. Use a programmable thermostat. If you want to have a total control of your HVAC systems even when you’re not at home, it’s a good idea to invest in a programmable thermostat. Match it to your schedule and use a timer when you go out for work. And when you arrive home, you can set specific temperatures for particular rooms. Replace you air filters monthly. Ideally, air filters lose their efficiency in a month, so replacing them in a monthly basis is a good trick to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Dirty or clogged air filters can significantly disrupt the flow of air and can even cause health hazards to you and your loved ones. Talk to your contractor about filter replacement. Protect your unit from debris and sun. It’s true that a tree provides shade to your system and can reduce energy efficiency while helping your system work more smoothly. However, keep in mind that branches or shrubbery can get into the unit and can hamper the performance of your system. Worse, it can also cause permanent damage. Be sure that the air vents are open and clean. This one may seem so obvious, but most homeowners unfortunately don’t mind about their vents.  If you think that a particular room gets unusually warmer, be sure to check the air vent. Keep your vent free from debris to improve airflow throughout your building. Dirt and dust can easy accumulate and sometimes overlooked, so be sure to pay attention to the condition of your vent and air filters. Consider using fans. During the scorching hot summer days, the heat rises to the ceiling of your home. To improve airflow and make way for the hot air to escape out of your home, using fans can be a great idea. Fans can help in moving the air through the room, giving you and your family a cooler and more comfortable environment. Improving air circulation does not only help you maintain an ideal indoor temperature, but it also helps your unit to work more smoothly. Ask about proper maintenance. At the end of the day, proper maintenance holds the key to improving your heating and air conditioning units. If you’re not sure of proper upkeep of your HVAC units, don’t hesitate to tap a professional HVAC contractor in your area for assistance. A reliable contractor is always willing to give you pieces of advice and recommendation when it comes to maintaining your units. If you have already decided to replace your existing furnace or air conditioning unit with a newer and more-efficient one, don’t forget to contact a NATE certified technician from a reliable HVAC company in Irving, TX.

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