November 12, 2020

Easy Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Easy Furnace tips

Your furnace is your most dependable equipment to keep your home warm and comfy during the winter season. Unfortunately, just like any machinery, your heating system will sooner or later show signs of failure.

Get to know these easy troubleshooting tips from Spencer Heating & Air Conditioning.

Set Your Thermostat Properly

Is your furnace not producing warm air? If yes, you may want to check the thermostat for potential issues. Be sure to check the settings if it’s set to “heat”. Thermostats usually do their job silently, but when they break, everyone at home will notice. When you feel that something is wrong with your furnace, your thermostat might be the problem.

Clogged Filters Aren’t Good—Change Them!

Dirt, dust, and debris are never good for your filters. So if your filters have accumulated tons of unnecessary dust, you should consider replacing them. As a rule of thumb, it’s essential to change the filters at least once a month. Dirty or clogged filters can obstruct the airflow, which can lead to poor system performance.

Inspect the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, the problem of why your HVAC is not working is the circuit breaker. You will need to check if there’s an issue. If it isn’t turning on, and if you aren’t sure, then it is best to consult an expert electrician or HVAC professional to check them.

 Check the Blower Motor

Your furnace’s blower motor plays a very significant role in providing your home the warm air you need during the cold season. With frequent use of your system, the blower motor may fail to work as expected due to wear and tear. You’ll need to contact a proficient HVAC professional to inspect your system for issues.

Clean Your Furnace Vents and Ductwork

Is your furnace still not producing enough warm air after cleaning or replacing the filter? The next thing you should check is the ductwork and vents. They might need some cleaning.

Hire a Pro HVAC Technician

Though some of the troubleshooting advice mentioned above are easy to do, it is still best to get help from the experts. They know how to assess or evaluate the problem fast and efficiently. These professionals are highly trained in providing different HVAC services from installation, maintenance, tune-up, or repair.

Having a problem with your furnace? Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating is your trusted HVAC contractor in Irving, TX, and its surrounding areas that offer full-scale HVAC services. Contact us now!

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