Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill Over the Holidays

Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill Over the Holidays
The holiday is one of the most exciting seasons ever! It’s one of the favorite times where people exchange gifts, decorate their homes with garlands, lights, and trees, and welcome out-of-town guests and family members. Yes, the holiday can be very expensive, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Try these holiday energy-saving tips, and thank us later.

Turn Down the Heat

Surely, your loved ones will come this holiday. With your desire to make your home comfortable, you might have to turn up the heat to keep them all warm. Instead of turning up the heat, simply turn it down. And why is that? It is because your home is filled with many warm bodies, and you can turn down the heat to save a considerable amount of energy every day.

Invest in LED Holiday Lights

Whether you plan to place some lights on your walkways and railings or put up a Christmas tree, then opting for LED holiday lights would be ideal. LED lights are more energy-efficient and safer to use than conventional holiday lights. For added peace of mind, be sure to opt only for safety-approved electrical LED lights for your home decoration.

Use the Decorative Lights Wisely

Are you one of many homeowners who choose to run the Christmas lights the whole night? Letting the lights operate all night long will definitely cost you more than you realize. This time, don’t make the same mistake. Before you sleep, be sure to turn all the Christmas lights off for better energy savings.

Don’t Overdo Your Decorations

Surely, you want to fill your home with Christmas decorations. Read this first before you do that. Don’t place the decoration in front of your vent to allow proper airflow. Also, avoid covering your thermostat so it can accurately read your indoor temperature. Lastly, check your outdoor unit for possible obstruction since tiny decoration items can get inside and impair its performance. These decorating tips may sound simple, but they have a major impact on your holiday bills.

Don’t Turn Off the Unit While On Vacation

If you plan to enjoy some time away with your family, then make your home as efficient as possible. Don’t turn off the unit completely. Instead, turn down the heat four degrees lower to keep your home warm, your indoor plants alive, your pets comfortable, and your valuable belongings in best condition. Saving energy during the holiday season isn’t that hard when you know where to start. Here at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, we will be happy to help you with your saving goals. Contact us to find more energy-saving tips and quality HVAC services.