What is the Right Room Temperature for Your Christmas Tree?

What is the Right Room Temperature for Your Christmas Tree?
The Christmas tree in your living room is happily sparkling. It’s official—the holiday season is already in the air. Christmas trees help enhance the holiday spirit with the natural beauty of a freshly cut tree and the scent of pine. Having a live tree in your home, however, requires the right room temperature to ensure it stays fresh and beautiful throughout the holiday. Keep reading below to know the right room temperature for your Christmas tree.

Your Christmas Tree and Your Indoor Temperature in the Winter

Your live Christmas tree in the living room and your indoor temperature may not agree with each other. December is definitely cold, and this makes it essential for your home to have enough heat to keep everyone comfortable. However, excessive heat in your home may become your Christmas tree’s greatest enemy since it will get weak and turn brown when placed in a warm spot. Your live Christmas tree needs a cooler environment for it to stay fresh and safe. When you position it in a cool place, the water in its trunk might not evaporate fast, keeping it alive and fresh for a longer period.

The Right Room Temperature for Your Christmas Tree

The ideal room temperature for your Christmas tree would be 62 to 65 degrees. This temperature setting is enough for your tree to live longer and stay fresh throughout the holiday. Besides the minor temperature adjustment, you also need to check the water level in your tree stand daily. While 62 to 65-degree temperature setting might slightly reduce the heat indoors, wearing some layers might help you stay warm. Not only does it keep your Christmas tree in good shape, but it also helps you shave off some dollars on your monthly bill. But if you think 62 to 65 degrees won’t work for you, then don’t worry. Another wise option to keep the surrounding of your Christmas tree cool is to invest in a zoned heating system. Zone heating allows you to set different temperatures in different areas of your home. Each area’s temperature is controlled separately by thermostats. With this option, you can keep your Christmas tree cool while staying warm in your bedroom.

 Don’t Leave Your Christmas Tree Dry This Winter

Too much heat can harm your Christmas tree, causing it to wither and dry faster. So be sure to position it in a place away from all heat sources, such as fireplaces, air vents, and portable heaters. Keep your home safe and comfortable for you and your Christmas tree this holiday season. Contact Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating for more holiday safety tips.

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