5 Tips for a Safe and Warm Halloween Season

5 Tips for a Safe and Warm Halloween Season
Are you and your kids ready for the coming trick or treat? Halloween is one of the most anticipated and exciting events of the year. However, trick-or-treating can be dangerous if you and your kids are not careful enough. Staying safe and warm on Halloween night should be your priority—and the candy is next, of course! Keep reading to find out some safety and comfort tips you can use in the Halloween season.

Don’t Block Your Vent with Halloween Decor

Homeowners want to make their Halloween extra scary by hanging spiderweb and other sorts of decor. While putting a ‘spooktacular’ vibe is a good idea, it’s not always a good idea in other areas of your house. Don’t try to hang the decor near your heating system’s vent and registers as they can block the proper airflow and even put pressure on your unit.

Be Cautious On Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is a perfect match for those creepy spider web wreaths and hanging pumpkins. You need to be extra careful on their placement to avoid fire or electrical hazards. If you’re using a propane or gas furnace, don’t try to place candles near the unit. Also, use only the safety-approved electrical lighting for your railings and walkways.

Wear A Comfortable Costume

The temperature changes at night, so it’s wise to wear comfortable clothes. Even if it’s hot in the daytime, the temperature may drop in the evening when the sun goes down. In this case, layers can help! Be sure to put some layers under your kids’ costume to keep them warm while going door to door in your neighborhood.

Sit Outside Your House

Consistently opening your door to hand out candies to trick-or-treaters can cause the heated air to leak out and increase your energy bills. You can set up your Halloween front yard and spend some time there with your loved ones. Sitting outside the house doesn’t just let you enjoy the view of children passing by in different colorful costumes, but also helps you save energy.

Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Small elements can get inside your outdoor HVAC system and become tangled in its components. When this happens, its efficiency and performance can be impaired, and eventually cause costly problems. Be sure to avoid hanging small decor in the trees above or near the unit to keep it in the best shape after Halloween. Now you’re all set for Halloween! Go grab some creative costumes and get your Halloween playlist ready—the Halloween party is on. For more comfort and safety tips, please contact Spencer Heating & Air today.