Report Measures Public Demand For UV Light & Air Filters To Protect Against Covid-19

Report Measures Public Demand For UV Light & Air Filters To Protect Against Covid-19

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an asymptomatic COVID-infected diner has spread the disease to up to 10 people in a restaurant in Guangzhou, China. A Chinese scientist claims that it’s the restaurant’s air conditioning system that blew and carried the virus particles around the dining room and affected the other customers.

Any indoor space’s ventilation system, like in this restaurant, could create intricate airflow patterns and keep the viruses aloft. The virus can also become highly aggressive and could be transmitted to anyone without any notice due to its nature.

How To Fight the Virus

Indoor air has become more contaminated than air outside. With people spending longer time indoors and more establishments reopening for business, there’s a high risk of contamination once their space lacks protection.

To help improve indoor air and prevent the spread of the invisible enemy, experts recommend home and business owners maximizing ventilation and airflow. While following safety protocols is highly important, it is also suggested to install UV lights and HEPA filters to provide individuals indoor protection against the COVID-19 virus.

How UV Lights and HEPA Filters Help Protect You Against COVID-19

UV lights and HEPA filters are attached to your HVAC system. UV lights use high-power lights to kill viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, and other harmful particles. HEPA air filters, on the other hand, help remove at least 99.7% of dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants with a size of 0.01 microns. This ability is enough to capture the COVID-19 virus that is known to have 0.125 microns in size.

A research is still being conducted about the UV light’s effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus. However, experts say these indoor air quality solutions are good enough to provide homes and businesses a double layer of protection against viruses.

Public Demand For UV Light & Air Filters Grows

Over the past few months, a DFW Metroplex-based HVAC company has seen a considerable amount of online searches and installation appointments for UV lights and HEPA filters. Homeowners and business operators nowadays become more vigilant about their health and safety. The numbers of consumers requesting professional UV lights and HEPA filter installation are exponentially growing.

Want to Secure A Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Air For Your Home or Business?

Together with UV light and HEPA filter installation, our professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating recommend our residential and commercial customers scheduling regular tune-up of their HVAC system and IAQ devices. These services are designed to improve your indoor air and prevent any disease-causing viruses from attacking your family or employee.

Whether you need quality installation of UV light and HEPA filtration system or regular maintenance of your comfort equipment, our team of licensed professionals can help.

Dial 972-299-0323 or contact us online to set an appointment!

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