Different Types of Furnace Explained

spencer Different types of Furnace Explained

Your furnace is your dependable ally during the freezing days and nights of the winter season. It plays an essential role in keeping you warm and comfortable. However, furnaces are not all the same. 

This blog will let you know more about the different types of furnaces, their features, and benefits. Keep reading!

What is a Furnace?

Your furnace is one of the essential components of your HVAC equipment. As soon as you set your thermostat, it starts producing heated air. A fan will switch on to circulate the warm air throughout your home.  Furnace comparison is essential for you to determine which type applies to your home.  

Electric Furnaces

They are the cheapest type of furnaces and can cost half of the price of a gas furnace. Electric furnaces are easy to install and can last for a decade or more. The only downside is that you will have to pay for your monthly electric bills. Make sure to look for an electric furnace with an Energy Star rating for energy-saving features.

Natural Gas Furnaces

If you’re looking for a highly economical furnace, then a natural gas is an ideal option. Even though older gas furnaces were only 65 percent efficient, newer gas furnaces could now reach a 98 percent efficiency rate. Additionally, most Americans prefer natural gas to heat their homes and use them as the primary source of their energy needs.

Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces are widely used in the northeastern part of the U.S.  The only difference is that they are slightly less efficient than the natural gas furnaces with 88-90 percent efficiency. Also, they have a lower upfront cost as compared to gas furnaces. 

Propane Furnaces

Propane is a smart choice if oil and gas furnaces aren’t accessible in your location. It’s a byproduct of gas and oil production. Only 10 percent of households in the US are using propane furnaces. Likewise, it has a lower carbon content than gas ones.

A furnace is a significant investment that you need to spend time and energy to decide which is ideal for your home.  With the right knowledge of the types of furnaces, it can be easier for you to make a decision.

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