HVAC Tips and Tricks

HVAC tips and tricks from spencer
Summer is in full swing again, and as we close up our home and turn the AC on, we feel frustrated when we find serious problems such as indoor allergies and respiratory discomfort. Add to that the burden of increasing energy bills. To save on your energy costs and enjoy real summer comfort without compromising your health, here are HVAC tips and tricks you need to know. Adjust your thermostat. For every degree you raise or lower the thermostat closer to the outdoor temperature, you are reducing your energy bills to one percent. According to the Department of Energy, homeowners can enjoy a significant saving on their heating or cooling bills by adjusting their thermostat closer to the outdoor temperature for 8 hours. Change the air filter. Dirty filters can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, by restricting airflow. An overworked AC unit can lead to a dramatic increase in your heating costs, and may cause wear and tear on your unit. As a smart homeowner, you need to check the filters once a month, and replace them when they are clogged or dirty. Changing your air filter helps in keeping your unit running efficiently, and providing you with better indoor air quality. Invest in a programmable thermostat. If you often forget to adjust your thermostat whenever you leave the house, maybe it’s time to install a programmable thermostat. A programmable type is more efficient in regulating temperature and saving energy when you are out. You can program your thermostat and adjust when you are not at home. Be sure that there are no drafts at home. Reducing drafts at home is also one smart trick to save on monthly energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, homeowners can save up to 30 percent on their energy costs by closing drafty windows and sealing air leaks. One simple way to reduce or stop drafts is to roll up a towel and place it over the crack. Be sure that your units are properly maintained. Just like a car, your heating and cooling unit needs regular check-ups and maintenance to keep it running efficiently. Expert HVAC professionals recommend that homeowners should get a service tune-up at least once in a year. During the service visit, a qualified HVAC technician will check your unit and will ensure that it is well-lubricated and clean. He will also check for any potential repairs or replacement. A professional service once a year will improve your unit’s efficiency, and prolong its life. Look for a trusted HVAC company. Don’t wait for the needs for repair to look for a trusted HAVC company. Find one in advance, so you’ll have ample time to do your homework and vet various contractors. Your HVAC unit is crucial for your comfort all year round. Maximize its efficiency and life by keeping it in tip top shape. If you want to learn more about proper maintenance of your HVAC unit, don’t hesitate to tap a reliable contractor in your area.