Home Owner Tips | AC Units vs. Heat Pumps: For a Southern Home

Home Owner Tips

These homeowner tips can help you make an informed decision on the type of system to purchase for their home that best suit the environment and climate.

Southern climates have greater needs for air conditioning, and there are home owner tips that can provide you with advice on which is the better option where you live. Humidity, excessive heat and other factors all have an effect on the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, so it is important to choose wisely. Year-Round Heat  Air conditioners provide energy-efficient cooling for areas that are hot almost year round, and by hot we mean that “frying an egg on the sidewalk” kind of hot. There is little need for the heating ability of an HVAC system, as it rarely ever gets cold enough to run a heating unit. In fact, the air conditioning elements of the heat pump would probably need replacing long before the heating elements of the pump. Even the word “heat” indicates that it is probably not recommended for areas that remain hot most of the year. Therefore, these home owner tips recommend choosing an air conditioner in areas that experience year-round heat, such as Texas or Florida. Moderate Climates  In areas of the South where the temperature is more moderate, these home owner tips recommend installing heat pumps, as in the spring and fall there may be a need for heating the home. As the name implies, a heat pump, well, heats, but it also cools in the summer when the temperatures drop in some areas of the South. Areas like Tennessee and the mid-South may experience the benefits of installing a heat pump rather than just an air conditioning unit. In these areas, installing just an air conditioner could mean a run on heavy woolen jackets when the temperatures drop and there is no heat in the house. And we won’t even mention the wrath of the little missus when it is so cold in the house she can see her breath. Hybrid Units  As part of their home owner tips, many contractors in the South recommend installing hybrid heat fuel split systems that are able to sense when it needs heat and when it needs air conditioning. By choosing the right unit, home owners save on energy costs and provide a more efficient method of managing the temperature in their home. Of course, understanding just how heat pumps and air conditioners work helps in making the decision on which type to install, as will talking to a qualified HVAC contractor. If you are wondering which type is better for your home, an air conditioner or heat pump, contact the professionals at Spencer AC &Heating today by calling (972) 375-9937 or learn more home owners tips online.