August 12, 2013

Homeowner tips | Spencer Spotlight on David Cummons


Not only do we provide homeowner tips, we also like to put the spotlight on our incredible staff, says Spencer AC & Heating says.

At Spencer AC & Heating, we love giving out homeowner tips that help our customers save money and create a more comfortable home. One thing we know is that we would be unable to any of that without our talented and dedicated staff. We consider all staff to be members of our family, and this is definitely true when we talk about service technician David Cummons.

David’s Beginning

One could say David was born to be an HVAC service technician, as he followed in his father’s footsteps into the business. David began working at Spencer AC & Heating in March 1979, when his dad was a 15-year veteran of the company. David’s dad retired after 25 years of service, but not before training his son for six months to ensure he had the knowhow to handle service calls on his own. Many of the homeowner tips David shares with customers he learned at his dad’s knee.

Growing Up HVAC

Many of the customers David serves have known him since he was in high school, and this provides a solid foundation of trust. David works hard to give customers the quality service they deserve, treats everyone with respect, and talks to customers with an honesty they’ve come to appreciate. That’s why they truly listen when David gives them homeowner tips they can actually use. In fact, one of the reasons David loves working at Spencer AC & Heating is that he considers them an “honest company with honest people.”  Honestly, David, we here at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating appreciate that sentiment.

Comfort Maintenance Plan

David is dedicated to his job at Spencer AC & Heating, and says he “likes helping people.”  One of the ways that David helps people is through the Comfort Maintenance Plan that ensures the heating and air conditioning equipment in their home is checked regularly. David says one of the best homeowner tips he can offer is investing in the Comfort Maintenance Plan so that your system remains safe, reliable and efficient. That way, your home remains as comfortable as possible.

If you have questions about your air conditioning or heating system, need to learn a few homeowner tips, or simply want David’s autograph, contact Spencer AC & Heating today at (972) 375-9937.