August 14, 2013

Homeowner Tips | Do You Have a Local AC Repair Company You Can Trust?

Homeowner tips for how to find a good local air conditioning company come in handy when you arrive home from long day at work on a hot day to find out the temperature inside is hotter than the temperature outside. When you left that morning, the air conditioner unit was humming away, keeping the inside of your house nice, comfortable and cool. You try some simple things, like turning it off and back on (it works for a computer, right?) and raking the leaves away from the exterior of your unit, maybe even kicking it for good measure, but none of these tricks work. It’s time to find a good local air conditioner repair company, but is there one you can trust?  These homeowner tips will help you find a good, reliable company that will have your house back to comfortable in no time. Availability of Technician
homeowner tips

These homeowner tips explain how to find a good AC repair company like Spencer AC & Heating.

 Household repairs never come at a convenient time, and a broken air conditioner is no exception. It would be nice if the unit decided to break down on a cool, comfortable autumn day, with a breeze blowing through the windows, but the chances of that happening are as probable as winning the lottery. Therefore, one of the best homeowner tips for finding a good air conditioning repair company is to determine how soon they can get a technician to your home. At Spencer AC & Heating, it is our mission is to get there and resolve the problem as soon as possible. Customer Service You Can Trust  If you have called an air conditioning repairman after working a long, hard day, the last thing you want is poor customer service. You want a smiling, cheerful technician who will analyze your problem, offer a solution, and do so with a smile. You want an expert who can answer your questions and offer solutions. Poor customer service is not in our vocabulary at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating. You can trust that our technicians are helpful, professional and want to build a strong relationship with you. They will diagnose your problem and provide you with solutions as quickly as possible. You will get customer service so good, you will want to hug them when that air conditioning unit kicks on. (Another of our suggested homeowner tips: You may want to ask the technician before grabbing them in a bear hug. It could be awkward.) Client Education  Here’s another of our homeowner tips for choosing an air conditioning repair company: Find an organization that not only wants to fix your unit, but will also help you keep the unit running smoothly for as long as possible. Spencer AC & Heating not only repairs units, but also offers suggestions on ways you can better maintain your unit (hint:  less chance of arriving home to a miserable house, miserable spouse, miserable kids and miserable pets because the unit is broken). In addition, through our Home Energy Test, the technicians can identify areas where you can improve the energy efficiency of your home (hint, hint:  saving you money; that’s what we do). We even offer Comfort Maintenance Plans to help keep your unit running smoothly. If you want to know more about finding a good air conditioning repair company, or to learn more homeowner tips, contact Spencer Air Conditioning today at (972) 375-9937.