How Much Does it Cost for an AC Replacement?

Before the summer temperatures arrive, many homeowners begin to consider AC replacement, and some consider complete HVAC replacement.  However, one of the first questions asked of almost any heating/air conditioning company is, “How much will it cost to replace my air conditioning unit?”  Spencer AC & Heating can answer that question for you very quickly.  The answer is – it depends.  Although that was probably not the answer many want to hear, the cost of AC replacement truly depends on many factors.  These factors include the features you want, what level of efficiency you expect of the new system, the size you need, the type you choose, your ductwork, and the indoor air quality you require. The first question to answer about your AC replacement is what features you want in a new system.  Are you a technological guru who wants the functionality to change the temperature in your house from your smartphone?  If so, the cost will be higher than for someone who has no problem waiting until they get home to change the thermostat.  AC replacements with multiple staging capabilities also will increase the price of the unit.  High efficiency units, or those with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) will cost you less in energy bills, but the unit itself may be more expensive. Size and Type of Equipment The square footage of your home directly affects the cooling needs, as does the size and location of the windows in your home, the number of occupants, the appliances, or even the lights you leave on in the home on a regular basis.  Contractors use a load or heat-gain calculation to determine the right AC replacement size for your needs. These calculations are not exactly the easiest things to understand (unless you’ve got a PhD in math), and definitely not the most exciting to figure out for the average homeowner, but are necessary to be sure that you get the AC replacement size you need.  Whether you choose a gas furnace, heat pump, or electric air conditioning unit also has an effect on the price of the replacement. Installation and Ductwork Depending on the age of your current HVAC system, installation prices can be costly.  If the technician has to remove old ductwork, run new wiring for a new system, or get your old furnace out of the attic, installation costs could be higher than if they simply must remove your old air conditioning unit and install an AC replacement in the same spot.  Old ductwork may need to be removed and new ductwork installed, which can also increase the costs. Indoor Air Quality If one of the reasons you need to consider AC replacement is due to health issues of a family member, such as asthma, mold allergies, or autoimmune deficiencies, you may find that AC replacement is more expensive.  The reason for this is that improving indoor air quality requires better filters and features to keep allergens from entering your home. There are many factors that affect the cost of replacing your air conditioning system, however, the costs of not replacing your air conditioning unit might actually be worse.  Imagine that visit from the mother-in-law, who never seems to be cool enough, coming for an August visit when you air conditioner is not working properly.  Or your mother slipping in with her “white glove” test commenting on the inches of dust in the house because your ductwork is faulty.  These are reasons enough to visit Spencer AC & Heating online for more information on AC replacement, or pricing for your HVAC replacement. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn!

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