HVAC Replacement in Winter?

The winter months are upon us and, for some homeowners, being on a first-name basis with the repairman comes with the cold weather, unless you consider HVAC replacement.  Some of you probably just re-read that previous sentence a time or two because you think we’ve gone crazy to suggest replacing your HVAC system during the winter months.  However, if your heat pump or air conditioning unit is more than ten years old, or your furnace more than 15 years old, or you really are considering moving the HVAC technician into your spare bedroom, it may be time to consider replacement—and winter is the best time to do so. Certified HVAC technician - Irving, TX More Appointment Flexibility One of the best reasons to consider HVAC replacement in the winter is that air conditioning and heating companies in Texas are much less busy in the winter than in the summer.  When you consider that the average temperature in Texas during July and August ranges between 90 and 100 degrees, you can imagine how busy HVAC companies are dealing with air conditioning issues.  However, in January and February, temperatures drop to an average of 49 to 66 degrees, depending on where you live in the state.  Although HVAC companies do still make service calls during the winter months, summer is definitely their busy period.  The winter months allow much more flexibility to set an appointment time that is suitable to you, and in some cases, even get same-day service. Lower Prices HVAC manufacturers raise their prices in the spring months, so it is more economical to consider HVAC replacement in the winter to take advantage of lower prices.  During February, it is possible to get a new HVAC system at the previous year’s prices or even lower.   It might even be cheaper than the food bill if the repairman takes you up on the offer of the spare room. Peace of Mind Another excellent reason for considering HVAC replacement during the winter months is the knowledge that your system will be running efficiently and without constant breakdowns for years to come.  You won’t have to worry that your air conditioner will die when the sweltering heat of summer arrives, leaving you and your family sweating for days because the repairman can’t get there for a week (unless, of course, he truly does take up residence in that spare room). For more information on HVAC replacement, visit Spencer AC & Heating online, and be sure to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn!

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