What’s the Hype with Programmable Thermostats?

It’s Spring Break time and for many North Texans that means it’s time to pack the bags and head for a family vacation. While you are gone, you can earn some of that vacation money back with one simple device: a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats work by automatically adjusting your house’s temperature. In the winter, they keep the temperature cooler when you are not at home, and during the summer they keep the temperature warmer when you are not at home. Programmable thermostats are also useful at night while you are sleeping. There are many types of programmable thermostat and they range in price from $30.00 to $300.00. Some can be programmed for up to seven days in advance. Programmable thermostats are simple to install using these simple steps: 1. Turn off the electricity – this can be done at the breaker box. 2. Remove the old thermostat’s face plate. 3. You will see wires attached to the screws. Label the wires so you will know which ones to attach to the new unit. 4. Wrap the wires around a pencil or screw so they will not retract back into the wall when you remove the old thermostat. 5. Remove the old thermostat. 6. Attach the wires to the corresponding screws on the new thermostat. 7. Attach the new thermostat to the wall. Make sure that it is level so that it will work properly. 8. Attach the new faceplate. 9. The old thermostat contains mercury. Dispose of it properly. Enjoy your family vacation this Spring Break knowing your programmable thermostat is saving you money and for all of your HVAC needs contact Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating. We are here whenever you need us and can help you pick the correct thermostat for you and your home! Call Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating today at (972) 446- COOL (2665) or find out more at

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