Maintenance Agreements vs. Warranties: How Should You Protect Your HVAC Unit Investment?

Protecting the investment in your heating and cooling equipment before problems occur is smart, but how do you decide between a home warranty and an HVAC maintenance agreement? By comparing the benefits of each you’ll find that a maintenance agreement offers you more. Here’s why: · Discounted repairs and parts. HVAC service plans usually offer a healthy discount on labor and parts on any needed repairs. Alternatively, warranties often have a much smaller list of accepted repairs that are covered, and often times also include a deductible payment for each service. · Lower energy costs. Maintenance plans typically include semi-annual visits that can keep your equipment running at a high-efficiency rate. This service directly affects the operating costs of the unit and the amount of money you save. A home warranty lacks this maintenance, cleaning or tune-ups, and subsequently, means that your unit will not run as efficiently and cost more to operate. · Preferred scheduling. As a maintenance plan customer, you are eligible for the preferred service call. In fact, many HVAC companies even extend an offer of same-day service. In contrast, a home warranty will require more patience and effort to have a technician assigned to your service request. · Comfort and trust. Possibly the biggest advantage of a maintenance agreement over a warranty is the familiarity and comfort level you have with your preferred HVAC company. You can depend on their reliability, responsiveness, and reputation in the area. Choosing a home warranty means you won’t decide who services and repairs your costly home comfort system. Most likely, the technician who rings the doorbell is from the HVAC contractor at the top of the warranty company’s rotating list of providers. · Preventative care. Many maintenance agreements include semi-annual system tune-ups and cleanings, which are essential to keep the equipment running at peak efficiency and extend its useful service life. Most home warranties don’t, which adds to your out-of-pocket costs. If you neglect proper maintenance, a warranty may not cover the repairs if an equipment breakdown or failure happens. If you have questions about how the Spencer Comfort Maintenance Agreement compares to a home warranty, we are here and ready to answer your questions. Give Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating a call today at (972) 446- COOL (2665) or find out more at