How Long Should An Air Conditioner Last

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Last?
Air conditioners are the unsung heroes during the long hot summer months. As a homeowner, nothing is even better than an efficient AC unit installed in our home. But here’s the bad news- although high quality ACs are efficient, they are not designed to last forever. So how long your AC unit will last? The truth is that even your heating and cooling contractors cannot give an exact life span of your air conditioners. It can be determined by how long you’ve been using it, how often you use it, and how well you maintain it. Try to figure out the duration of your AC with these common clues: The Age Of Your AC Typically, an average cooling system lasts for 10-15 years. High quality air conditioners can even extend to 20 years. This is equivalent to 80 years for human. Once the system has reached these expected ages or more, you have to slowly prepare to let go of your AC. Humidity Control Failure An air conditioner which is getting nearer to retirement can no longer dehumidify your home well. Mold build ups, musty smells and wood trim damages are signs that the humidity in your home is beyond normal level. Basically, fine air conditioners would release excess moisture due to the rapid air movement from the evaporator coil. As time passes, it becomes incapable of moving air effectively leaving excess moisture in the home. Increased Energy Consumption Do not neglect your rising energy bill every month for you might find yourself wasting too much cash. If you are having a constant energy consumption rate for your cooling unit, but you notice that your cooling bill increases from time to time, its’ likely that your system is already on its last leg. Shop for newer versions and boost your savings on your monthly energy expenses. Continuous Repairs Although your air conditioners seem functional each passing time, it is noticeable that their efficiency and cooling ability are slowly failing and instances of repairs are increasing. This is also a sign that your AC unit might not last more years. Weigh the cost of your scheduled repairs and the cost for purchasing a brand new unit. If it gets a small difference, consider having a new one. It pays off to contact a trusted HVAC contractor and have a full system inspection first to help you decide if your AC has gone a long way serving your home. Call the professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating for AC replacement and other HVAC needs.