6 Common Concerns With Commercial HVAC Systems

6 Common Concerns With Commercial HVAC Systems
It’s so frustrating when your commercial HVAC system doesn’t give you the comfort you and your building‘s occupants need. Whether it’s on a cool winter breeze or scorching summer heat, your HVAC systems should not let you down. However, you cannot get the right level of comfort you need if something is wrong with your unit. Here’s a rundown of 6 common concerns with commercial HVAC systems.
  1. Uneven Heating And Cooling
If you notice an uneven temperature in your building, where one room is cool while the other is still warm, that’s erratic air flow. Leaks or cracks in the ductworks might be the culprit. It’s best to contact a reliable commercial HVAC contractor to look at the issue and provide the necessary solution for it.
  1. Wrong Size Of Unit
Proper sizing matters in the commercial HVAC industry. Too small HVAC system may not provide the right heating and cooling of your building. On the other hand, too big systems may lead to energy wastage.
  1. Unusual Noises
If you hear strange noises from your system, it can be a sign that something wrong is going on with your system. Call a licensed technician to check if the fan has broken or there are loose pieces. Whatever the reasons are, a licensed technician will get the job done for you.
  1. Running Rough
Your HVAC system may need repair if it seems to have lost its vivacity. One reason is that the evaporator and condenser coils need cleaning, or maybe the dampers are not working right. Dampers can get stuck in a certain position which can hinder outside air from cooling the unit, or congesting the cooling coil with excess of hot air from the outside.
  1. Lack Of Maintenance
Most HVAC problems are caused by negligence in maintaining the units. Having a regular maintenance schedule with a trusted HVAC contractor is recommended to keep commercial HVAC systems up and running smoothly.
  1. Sudden Increase In Electric Bill
If your HVAC unit is working harder than usual to give you enough warm or cool air for your comfort, it will consume more energy and may cause a significant increase in your energy bill. This can be a sign that there is an issue in your system. You might not want extra expenses so better call a licensed technician to check the system and fix the problem. It can be a clogged filter, frozen coil or a broken belt. If you are in need of commercial HVAC services, schedule an appointment with our friendly professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating.