Is A Comfort Maintenance Plan Worth the Money?

Is A Comfort Maintenance Plan Worth the Money?
Instead of paying for individual repair jobs and maintenance visits, you can now get a comfort maintenance plan for your HVAC system in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. But what is this maintenance plan and is it worth the money? Continue reading below!

What is a Comfort Maintenance Plan?

A comfort maintenance plan is a contract between you and your HVAC contractor for on-going services. You will pay for the set fee, and your HVAC contractor will commit to perform specific services included in the agreement for a defined period. The plan typically includes discounts, priority service for emergency calls, and no overtime fees. What is good about comfort maintenance plan in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is that it helps keep your comfort system in good working condition and efficiency. Also, you can avoid huge repair bills and the possibility of surprise system breakdown since your technician will identify potential and minor issues before they cause major trouble. The service is typically scheduled semi-annually. What do you think? Is comfort maintenance plan worth the money?

Can’t Still Decide? Continue Reading…

Getting a comfort maintenance plan can be a challenging decision for most homeowners. Read on to get helpful ideas before you make final decisions.
  • Do Some Math Works
If you are scheduling individual maintenance visits twice a year, compare the cost you pay for it to the price of a maintenance plan. In most cases, maintenance agreements cost lesser due to discounts offered.
  • Consider the Age of Your Unit
Homeowners with old HVAC systems may have to consider getting a maintenance plan to save themselves from expense and inconvenience, especially if the agreement covers emergency service. But if your unit is still covered with manufacturer’s warranty, you can just sign up for a tune-up under the agreement.
  • Choose the Best Contractor
When searching for a maintenance plan, get it from a reputable HVAC company in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The company that is insured and licensed can provide you expert and reliable service without compromising your budget.
  • Read the Fine Prints
Be sure to read all the details of the agreement and read the fine prints before you sign up. This helps you understand what is included and excluded in the plan you get.

Is Comfort Maintenance Plan Worth the Money?

Your comfort maintenance agreement in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex may end up into nothing if you don’t plan for it carefully and don’t get it from a reputable company. When you think of getting a comfort maintenance plan in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, talk to the pros. If you are not sure about what comfort maintenance plan to get and what services to include in it, talk to our experts at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating. We have the options suited for your needs and budget.