Signs You Need Professional A/C Repair

Signs You Need Professional A/C Repair
Hot weather in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is the great equalizer whether you’re a homeowner or business owner. For this reason, everyone might agree on one thing: it is never good to have a poor performing cooling system in sweltering months. So before the dog days arrive, be sure to monitor your A/C and schedule a professional repair while you still have time. Here are the signs that you need professional A/C repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex: A/C Blows Warm Air Your air conditioner is designed to cool your home; not to make it hot. A/Cs that blow hot air could be a sign of a faulty compressor or refrigerant leak. Neither one is impossible for you to fix, so it is best to leave them to the hands of experts. Call the best A/C repair Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex if you notice your A/C is putting another layer of scorch to the existing heat in your home. Your Bills Are Out of Control The unusual hike in your electricity bill could indicate that your cooling unit is not at its most efficient working condition. Increased energy consumption could happen for several reasons and fixing the problem doesn’t require guesswork. Leave the job to the hands of experts to spot the root cause of the issue and bring back your unit’s optimum efficiency. A/C Produces Unusual Odor Your air conditioner should not produce a pungent or musty smell when turned on. But if it does while it operates, the culprit could be the burned wiring insulation, dead rodents, mold build-up or other problems that lurk in your cooling system. Delaying the solution could put your health at great risk. Schedule your air conditioning repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex immediately. Poor Airflow If your air conditioner fails to meet your home’s cooling demand or struggles to keep up with your space’ natural airflow, your compressor might be malfunctioning. Another good reason for poor airflow is clogged ductwork or air filter. Ignoring these problems could increase your energy cost and lead to early unit replacement. High Humidity Level One of the vital roles of your cooling unit is to pull out humidity from the inside of your home. But if you see water pooling around your windows or you experience the sticky feeling, for sure your unit is not working at its best. Maintain the humidity level inside your home by letting the expert investigate the problem and recommend a solution that fits your comfort needs. Need a professional A/C repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex? Our experts at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating can help. Set your appointment today!

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