Home Performance Overview by Spencer Air

A home performance overview is the best way to discover opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of your home and keeping your family comfortable, no matter what the weather may be outdoors.  More than 50 percent of your home energy costs are spent on heating and cooling, so if there are problems with the ductwork, insulation or other areas of your HVAC system, it cannot operate efficiently.  Therefore, a home performance overview is the best way to determine if your home and HVAC system are operating at peak performance. Inspection of System  During a home performance overview, a certified energy specialist asks a series of questions to identify areas of concern before starting their inspection.  This inspection includes checking equipment, such as your air conditioner, furnace and water heater for safety issues.  The Energy specialist will also examine the ductwork and insulation levels in the attic Testing and Analysis  Using state-of-the-art technology, such as thermal imaging cameras, blower door systems, static pressure gauges, duct blasters and flow hoods, the technician conducts thorough testing of your entire home during the home performance overview.  The data collected is then analyzed using sophisticated software to diagnose problems and recommend solutions. Priority List of Recommendations  Once all data has been collected and analyzed after the home performance overview, and solutions recommended, the technician provides a priority list of recommendations designed with your needs in mind.  This list enables you to make changes based on your budget and time restrictions to help you reduce your energy costs over time. For more information on a home performance overview to help you reduce your energy costs, visit Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating online.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!