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This week we wrap up our series on air purifiers with another great recommendation for you. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors breathing 2300 gallons of air each day. With so much of our time spent inside, Carrier Infinity and Carrier Performance provide you with the defense you need against air pollution. Why choose Carrier? There are a number of reasons to choose Carrier; here are our top 5 reasons. 1. Carrier uses the same technology you would find in government facilities and hospitals. 2. Carrier purifiers are silent and can treat your entire home. They are so effective they clean 100 times more air than portable units. 3. Carrier air purifiers are low maintenance with no cleaning required; simply replace the cartridge. 4. Carrier uses high air filtration efficiency and germicidal technology to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold. 5. Carrier purifiers fit in narrow spaces. How does the Carrier Purifier work? The Carrier Purifier works in three easy steps. In step 1 particles enter the purifier and are electrically charge by ionization to create “clouds” that attach themselves to the particles. The second step uses a media cartridge to create an electrical field across the filter creating negative and positive charges within each fiber. This causes fibers to separate creating polarization. In the last step the captured pathogens are weakened inside of the purifier making the cells inactive. What is MERV? MERV is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value set up by the American Society of Heating Refrigerating Engineers to evaluate filters. Each filter is given a number 1-16. A high number means the filter is more efficiency. What are the key differences between Carrier Infinity and Carrier Performance? The Carrier Infinity is given a MERV 15 rating eliminating 99% of germs while the Carrier Performance is given a MERV 13 rating eliminating 96% of germs. Both units are compatible with Carrier furnace or fan coil. Both units eliminate the flu and the common cold and streptococcus, the bacteria that leads to sore throats. The Carrier Infinity also eliminates measles, smallpox, bird flue, as well as additional bacteria and fungi. The real question left to answer is what are you waiting for? Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating has the technician your home needs to get your family breathing easy. Call Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating today at (972) 446-COOL (2665) and let us install your purifier today.