Does the Rain Impact your Air Conditioning Unit?

With all of the rain we have had recently, have you ever wondered what impact the rain is having on your HVAC unit? You are not alone. It is common concern and question that we receive a lot. Homeowners are often surprised to see debris around the unit after a storm or a mass of mud that has accumulated near the system sparking questions of “just how secure is my unit”. Rain does not have an impact on your system, but here is the “why” behind the answer. Your unit is designed to be outside and has been built to withstand the elements while still operating efficiently. You may be tempted to cover your unit when the temperatures plummet or the heavy rains come, but this can cause more damage. Air needs to circulate and remain dry. Only covers built specifically for your air conditioner by the manufacturer should be used. Waterproof tarps will trap water and cause parts to rust. During heavy rain, running you’re air conditioner can actually help your system work as a dehumidifier taking away the moisture and humidity that naturally come with rain storms. The only exception to the rain rule is if your system is completely covered with water during a flood. In this case, the systems should be turned off completely for safety. Air conditioning units are built to be strong and resilient and withstand outdoor elements. The next time it pours, rest assured your system is all systems go. Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating invites you to call us for all of your HVAC needs. Reach us today at (972) 446- COOL (2665) or by logging on to to find out how we can serve you. Our longevity speaks for our quality; we’ve been in business since 1960.