Benefits of Changing Air Filters – Equipment Efficiency

There are many benefits of changing air filters in your HVAC system, which is why this simple task should be a routine part of your comfort maintenance plan.  Not only will your equipment run more efficiently, but the indoor air quality of your home will improve as well, reducing the chance that your kids will spend the evenings sniffling, sneezing and coughing through your favorite television show. Dirty Filters Means More Work  One of the benefits of changing air filters in your HVAC system is that the system will operate much more efficiently and economically (and with the economy the way it is today, that “more economical” should leap right out at you!)A dirty filter requires the system to work much harder. This could mean higher electric or fuel bills and a shorter lifespan for your system. In addition, if the filter becomes clogged, airflow will be restricted and could result in a complete system shutdown.  Again, in today’s economy, anything that causes higher energy bills or more repair bills is not exactly a great idea.  It is also important, however, to choose the correct filter. Total ESP  Although the benefits of changing air filters are significant, it is important to know the correct Total External Static Pressure (TESP) of your HVAC system.  When the TESP exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended levels in an HAVC system, the fan slows.  This could result in insufficient airflow to the point where some rooms are either too cold or too warm, even though the temperature is comfortable in other parts of the home.  No one wants to sleep in a ski parka, but have to strip down to their unmentionables to go to the kitchen for a glass of water.  In addition, airflow passing over the evaporator coil at a slower rate could result in improper dehumidification. This allows water to accumulate in the plenum box, where bacteria and other contaminants can grow.  Bacteria and other contaminants are about as welcome as Uncle Fred and his fruitcake during the holidays. Filter Options  Choosing the right filter is crucial, and Spencer AC & Heating has many excellent solutions for homeowners who don’t want either the less efficient throwaway filter or a filter with a high pressure drop.  To realize the full benefits of changing air filters, it’s important to choose filters that suit the system they are designed to protect.  These may include deep-pleated media filters or electronic air cleaners – depending on the type of system in the home. For more information about the benefits of changing air filters, or to learn more about Spencer AC & Heating, visit our website and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.