Trusted Comfort Maintenance
Plans in Irving, TX


  • Safety: Your heating and air conditioning equipment should be checked regularly to assure no situation exists that puts lives or property in jeopardy.
  • Efficiency: Equipment will naturally lose efficiency over time as components collect dirt and motors age.
  • Regular service keeps your system clean and operating efficiently.
  • Comfort: Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels in your home requires your system to be in top condition.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Regular filter changes and duct inspections are critical to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.


  • 21 point check up performed by a Spencer technician twice a year.
  • 10-15% discount on all repairs performed by Spencer Air Conditioning on the covered system.
  • 2 year or lifetime warranty on all repairs made under the plan.
  • One free diagnostic fee per year (Platinum plan only).
  • One FREE filter replacement per Tune-Up (1” Standard Size).


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Hours of Service – All Tune Ups, free diagnostics and warranty work performed under this plan must occur Monday through Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm. After hours calls will be charged either $79 or $89 per system, depending on plan. Regular after hours service calls are typically $150!

Maintainable Condition – This plan assumes the equipment is in maintainable condition. Should repairs or replacements be found necessary upon initial inspection, recommendations for required repairs or replacements will be submitted to the owner for approval.

Not all items are applicable to every system. Technician will need access to water and electrical power to complete service. Two year or lifetime warranty on repairs only continues if the CMP remains in effect.

Filter Replacements – This plan includes replacing one standard filter at each visit. Additional filters are available at additional charge. Filters that are determined to be special order must be purchased by the dozen. The plan member will be charged for 10 filters at the 10 – 15% discounted rate.

Notification of Service – You will receive notification by phone, mail or e-mail when it is time to schedule a maintenance visit. You will receive only one notification and unused visits will be forfeited on the plans expiration date.

Payment – This plan does not take effect and no discounts can be given until full payment is received. No service will be rendered under this agreement on past due accounts.

Homeowner agrees that Spencer shall in no event be held liable for damage or loss caused by delay or loss arising out of the performance of this contract. Spencer is not liable for water condensation damage caused by preexisting air conditioning drains not installed by Spencer.





Investing in planned comfort is money well spent, which is why choosing Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating’s Comfort Maintenance Plan is the best way to offer your family safety, efficiency, comfort, reliability, and excellent indoor air quality.  In addition, the Comfort Maintenance Plan offered by Spencer AC & Heating provides discounts, free diagnostic services, and free filter replacement. Residential space in Irving, TX Safety Issues  One reason to invest in the Comfort Maintenance Plan offered by Spencer AC & Heating is the safety protection a well-maintained HVAC system provides your family.  One of the most dangerous aspects of a poorly maintained system is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to damaged, improperly installed or inadequately maintained gas-burning systems.  Electrical problems may also exist within the HVAC system, which could lead to a fire risk if not detected and corrected. Efficiency and Reliability  As your HVAC system ages, efficiency is reduced as the unit collects dust or dirt and the motors age.  Although this affects the efficiency of the system, costing additional money to operate, it also reduces the reliability of your heating and air conditioning service due to breakdowns.  Investing in the Comfort Maintenance Plan keeps your system clean and operating efficiently with fewer breakdowns. Comfort and Indoor Air Quality  Regular filter changes keep the indoor air quality in your home healthy by reducing allergens and other microscopic particles that can affect your family’s health.  Spencer AC & Heating’s Comfort Maintenance Plan includes one free 1” pleated filter replacement with each visit, with other filters provided at a 15 percent discounted rate.  Proper maintenance of your HVAC system also keeps the humidity and temperature levels within the home at comfortable levels, further increasing the health benefits. The Comfort Maintenance Plan through Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating includes a 21-point checkup in the spring and fall, 15 percent discount and three-year warranty on all repairs, guaranteed service within 24 hours along with one free and discounted diagnostic services each year, all at the low price of $179 for the first system and $149 for each additional system.  For more information about the Comfort Maintenance Plan, visit Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating online.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!