Air Conditioning Check Up 101

Air Conditioning Check Up 101
Spring is the ideal time to get your air conditioning system checked. Save yourself from summer discomfort by scheduling HVAC preventive maintenance as early as today. Furthermore, having your A/C tune-up this spring saves you from long waits and higher service prices once the peak season starts. Why Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Check Up? Summing up all the reasons why you need an HVAC maintenance check-up results to two:  to save money and to save money (no that is not a typo). Air conditioner tune-up keeps your unit running at optimal efficiency. This means that no minor and major glitches hinder its function and your unit is using less energy for its operation, all leading to great savings on repair costs and monthly energy consumption. Air Conditioning Check Up 101 Your air conditioning unit is your source of comfort when temperatures soar. Do not wait until you experience a malfunctioning A/C in the middle of the long hot days; schedule a maintenance service with your trusted HVAC company as early as today. Here is a checklist of the procedures included in your routine maintenance call.
  • Check if refrigerant content is sufficient. Insufficient level of refrigerants can affect both your comfort and budget. Less cool air is retained inside burning out your compressor which results to expensive repairs. Low refrigerant level also signifies leakages in the system which should be given immediate solution.
  • Check electrical components and controls. Aside from ensuring that electricity reaches the system properly, checking electrical components of your air conditioning system also secures your property against the risk of fire.
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils. To ensure that your system is running efficiently, the coils need to be cleared of dust, dirt and other debris. Dirty coils result to poor cooling ability and greater energy usage.
  • Lubricate the moving parts. The mechanical components of the system need to be lubricated for smooth operation. Poorly-oiled motor can be a source of system problem.
  • Calibrate the thermostat. The thermostat which controls the operation of your unit needs to be checked to ensure that correct signals are given to your system. This will prevent the unit from cooling your home insufficiently or excessively.
  • Replace or clean filters. Dirty air filters strain your A/C and can give an unhealthy environment inside your home. Change air filters regularly to keep proper airflow and maintain healthy indoor air.
If you need highly-trained HVAC professionals to keep your air conditioning system ready for summer, do not hesitate to call the experts at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating. We are always ready to be of help.