Indoor Air Quality Facts & Statistics

Indoor Air Quality Facts & Statistics
Indoor air pollution is something that many homeowners in Irving, TX are struggling with. Some households upgrade to tighter constructions to conserve energy and keep indoor safe. What they do not know is that the same procedure allows for greater risk of indoor air pollution. Here are other IAQ facts and statistics that you should be aware of: Indoor air is more polluted than the outside. It may be hard to believe but it is true that the air you breathe inside your home can be five times, ten times, or even a hundred times more polluted that the outside air. It can be associated with the different respiratory issues and other health problems experienced by anyone who lives in the house. It is not only the air pollutants stuck inside which contribute to poor indoor air quality but also the outside pollutants that find their way into your home. There are lots of harmful chemicals released every day. You may not know it, but even the smallest things that you do on a daily basis can bring negative effects on your indoor air quality. The use of household products such as paint, personal care products and cleaning agents releases hundreds of harmful chemicals that pollute the air inside. These are potential health risks and may cause dizziness, allergic reactions, nausea, skin irritation and many other health issues. Pediatric asthma rates have alarmingly increased. The increase in number of children and adults who suffer from severe asthma has been linked to poor indoor air quality. Studies show that there is nearly 73% increase in the prevalence rate of pediatric asthma in the US, making it the leading chronic illness for children. One helpful solution to get rid of indoor air pollutants that trigger asthma symptoms is by purifying the air inside your home. Sources of indoor air pollution are all around you. Regardless of the type of house, or where it is located, indoor air quality is a problem in your household. The EPA conducted different studies showing the presence of air pollutants all around your home. These include combustion sources such as gas or oil, building materials like pressed wood products and chemical products such as cleaning agents. Other sources may come from pet dander, dust, radon, pesticides, mold and viruses. Do not let indoor air problems ruin your family’s well-being. Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating offers a wide-variety of products to keep your IAQ healthy. Call us now!

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