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Why wait for the winter to have your air conditioning system repaired when you can have it done now? If you are looking for a business offering an A/C repair in Plano, TX, you have many options. However, it’s undeniable how Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating stands out from the crowd.

There’s nothing worse than having a faulty air conditioner. You may even be tempted to just buy a new AC system, but you should hold off on that purchase until you troubleshoot your system and fix the issue. Instead of buying new equipment, try these steps first:

Step #1: Clean Your Filters

Your air conditioner’s filters are the gatekeepers of your home. The dirtiest area in your house is usually the filter because it has to sift through all of the airborne particles from outside and inside your home.

If your filters get too dirty, then they can’t do their job. This means that you won’t have cool air coming out of your vents and you will waste a lot of energy trying to keep up with cooling demands.

Step #2: Check Your Fan Settings

If you have any cooling features set up with your system, then check them by pressing the fan button on the remote or thermostat. This will typically rotate through all of your different features so if it is one thing in particular that isn’t working, then this will tell you what needs to be adjusted. If there are no settings activated, then move onto step #3.

Step #3: Look at Your Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat is how your air conditioner works every day to keep things cool when they need to be and warm when it is summer and frigid outside.

If your thermostat isn’t working properly, then you won’t be able to get the cool air that you want or need. Or, your air conditioner might turn on and off randomly because the system doesn’t know what temperature to keep the home at.

This is a very common problem for older models of thermostats where it can be hard to get them set up properly. If this sounds like the case, then consider getting a new digital model because they are easy to program and work much better than earlier versions.

Components of a Room Air Conditioner

All major components of a room air conditioner are compressed in a single housing. The evaporator is facing inside while the condenser coil is facing outside. 

The sealed components of a room air conditioner are the compressor, coils, and motors. This means A/C repair in Plano, TX should always be performed by professional technicians. 

You can perform minor repairs but the more advanced repairs should always be done by professional and licensed repair personnel to keep your unit safe and efficient. For extensive and emergency repairs, you need to take your air conditioning units to the repair shops or ring a professional repair service to go to your home as quickly as possible. 

During the cold winter months, room air conditioners should always be protected from the harsh elements. The external part of the air conditioner should be covered or fully removed and placed inside to protect from the cold. 

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If you want to book for an A/C repair in Plano, TX, be sure to call us today. Our customer service will immediately assist you. We don’t like to make our customers wait in vain, that’s for sure. We will send our team of experts to your address as soon as possible.

You may also check out our other HVAC services. If you want to avoid future breakdowns, you can book for maintenance anytime at any given day as we are on call 24/7. It will help you avoid expensive costs on repairs in the long run.

Whether you need A/C repair in Plano, TX or you are after a team that can keep your HVAC system at its optimum condition anytime and anywhere then, you can only trust the best – Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating.

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