Wireless Thermostat Controls

As part of any comfort maintenance plan, it is important to address a major issue that is common in almost every American household—the thermostat battle. Most everyone has encountered this as one family member cranks it up or down (depending on the season) because they are too hot or too cold, while the one who pays the bill keeps adjusting it the other way to keep the energy hounds at bay. With wireless thermostat controls, there is no need to break out the armor to do battle with family members who treat the thermostat like it’s a pinwheel. Benefits of Wireless Thermostat Controls Wireless thermostat controls offer many benefits as part of a comfort maintenance plan. They enable you to preset temperatures in your home throughout the day, to ensure a comfortable environment for your family. For instance, you know there are certain times when no one will be at home. Therefore, there is no reason to keep the house cool during the dog days of summer. Simply set the temperature a bit higher during the day, and automatically program the wireless thermostat to adjust to a cooler setting about an hour before family members get home. The same premise holds true in the winter—the goal is to keep the house cool during the day and warmer when everyone is home. There’s also no need to run the furnace excessively at night when everyone is sleeping nice and cozy warm under blankets. No one wants to wake up and see his or her breath, though, so simply turn the thermostat down and program it to adjust to a higher setting about an hour before everyone rises. Energy Savings One of the best reasons to invest in wireless thermostat controls as part of a comfort maintenance plan is the savings on energy that come from adjusting temperatures based on occupancy and activity. The units constantly monitor the air temperature of a room and adjust accordingly. Because they are wireless, there is no need to wire them into the HVAC system, making it easy to upgrade controls when necessary. According to House Logic, home energy costs the average homeowner over $1,000 per year, and research indicates that a wireless, programmable thermostat may save as much as $180 per year. This is a significant cost savings as energy prices continue to rise. Convenience and Coolness Wireless thermostat controls offer convenience as well, as they can be placed anywhere in the home so that readings are accurate. Having a thermostat you can move from room to room will show your friends just how high tech you have become. Of course, you will need to talk to a qualified HVAC representative to discuss whether a wireless thermostat will work for your comfort maintenance plan, but your friends don’t need to know that. They will just talk about how brilliant and cool you are. Contact Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating today to find out if installing a wireless thermostat is right for your comfort maintenance plan at (972) 375-9937.