What is the Role of your A/C’s Outside Unit in the Cooling Process?

What is the Role of your AC's Outside Unit in the Cooling Process?
Are you aware of the different components of your air conditioning system? Do you know that the external components are of equal importance like the internal parts? You may tend to forget its existence sometime, but the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system also needs proper attention and maintenance as it plays a major role in the production of cool air inside your home. What does your outdoor unit do? Often referred to as the condenser unit, the outdoor unit is responsible for releasing heat from your home towards outside through the process of heat exchange. Without the condenser unit, the air conditioning cycle will never be possible at all. To perform the heat exchange process, the condenser units are geared with critical parts such as the compressor, refrigerant lines, condenser coils and fans. Each part has its specific function to perform to bring out heat and leave cool air inside your home.
  • The Compressor. The indoor component of your air conditioning system is responsible for absorbing heat inside your home through the refrigerants. The refrigerant then travels to the compressor to perform heat exchange and release the absorbed heat. The compressor is the first stop of the refrigerants where an extra pressure is given in order to increase its temperature. This makes the process easier and fast.
  • Condenser Coils and Fans. When the refrigerant leaves the compressor, it flows directly into the condenser coils where it releases much of the heat it absorbs. The fan that blows in the coils helps in the process of releasing heat in the refrigerant. Since there are lots of coils in the condenser, there will be plenty of time for the refrigerants to pass by the blowing air and release heat.
  • Refrigerant Lines. These are the pathways of the refrigerants which connect the indoor and outdoor unit and allow for the continuous cooling cycle of your air conditioning system.
Just like the indoor parts of your A/C, your condenser unit also needs a regular dose of preventive maintenance. And since it is located outside the house, it is more exposed to different elements that can hinder its proper operation. Be sure to check your outside unit on a regular basis. But if you do not have extra time to do it, feel free to call the professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating and schedule a professional maintenance check today!