Troubleshoot a Noisy Air Conditioner

Is your outdoor air conditioning unit suddenly making a lot of noise or has it gradually gotten louder over the years? It can be a scary problem and most homeowners don’t know the first step in helping their unit get back to its normal quiet self. Some owners will choose to fence in the outdoor unit with plywood or fencing, but is that really a solution? In the long run the best way to reduce noise and ensure that your unit is running as it should is to solve the problem from the inside out. Often times, the main culprit in older units that can create noise in your unit can be the condenser. If your condenser is older, the best solution is often a new unit since newer designs are dramatically quieter than those produced just a few years ago. Not to mention that newer condensers save money and a high efficiency unit might cut your cooling bills in half and pay for itself in the next three or four years. If you have a new condenser, the worst noise is usually coming from the compressor since fans on newer units are extremely quiet. The best option for suppressing the sound from your compressor is to find the manufacturer recommended sound blanket for your model. If you are not able to find a sound blanket that is recommended by the manufacturer then you can also search online for a universal compressor sound blanket. They are a simple solution to the noise that is generated by the compressor. The condenser and compressor are two of the most common elements that can cause excess noise for your outdoor air conditioning unit, but they aren’t the only possible reasons for the noise. Some parts of your unit could need to be tightened or lubricated, such as the: drive motor, dual shaft in the fan motor, fan blades, fan motor, fan, blower wheel or the blower motor. Often times, assessing the problem can be the hardest part while the solution is relatively easy. Your friendly neighborhood experts at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating are here to help bring back your peace and quiet. Call us today at (972) 446- COOL (2665) or find out more at