Top 5 Questions About Furnaces

Top 5 Questions About Furnaces
Many times, homeowners in Dallas are calling the professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating to ask some important questions about their furnaces.  Here are the top 5 questions asked by our valued clients.
  1. How can my furnace cause fire and explosion?
 The most reported heating equipment that can cause fires are space heaters. Furnaces are much safer but there is also a possibility that it catches on fire. One way is when something goes wrong in the supply line. Since it runs on combustible gas, it can cause explosion, fire or worst, release of large amount of carbon monoxide. Another is when the blower motor stops working and causes the furnace to overheat.
  1. Do furnaces give off carbon monoxide?
Yes they do. Carbon monoxide is produced through incomplete combustion but it is vented out of the house properly. However, if the problem is in the vent itself, carbon monoxide can get inside the house. Vent problems are often caused by worn out heat exchangers so be sure to check and replace old heat exchangers to ensure safety. Also, it is helpful to install a carbon monoxide detector inside the house.
  1. Why won’t my furnace turn on?
 There are many reasons why furnaces fail to turn on. It can be a thermostat problem, insufficient supply of natural gas, or a mechanical issue is taking place inside the furnace. This usually happens when you first turn on your furnace after a long summer rest and also in the middle of the winter when you constantly use your furnace. That is why it is important to have a regular maintenance check.
  1. Why is my furnace leaking water?
Condensation is the number one reason for leaking water, especially on high-efficiency furnaces.  When the drain channel is blocked, it causes water to puddle. This is not much of a problem for conventional furnaces but if you are experiencing the same issue, the cause is probably an incorrect installation of the flue pipe and furnace humidifier.
  1. Why is my furnace making noise?
Some noises are part of the normal operation but if you start to hear unusual sounds, something is probably wrong with your unit. The cause however depends on what kind of noise your furnace is producing. Most likely, dirty burners, problems in the ignition system and some mechanical parts that need lubrication are the reasons why your furnace produces disturbing sounds. Are you having problems with your furnace? Do not hesitate to request an appointment with our professionals.