The Do’s And Don’ts of HVAC Maintenance

The Do’s And Don’ts of HVAC Maintenance
Just like other heavy-duty equipment you use at home, your HVAC system in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex also requires an extra TLC to keep it running in the best shape for years. Maintaining your unit properly can make a great difference in its performance, efficiency, and longevity. Follow these maintenance do’s and don’ts for your HVAC system:

The Do’s of HVAC Maintenance

  1. Do schedule a routine inspection and maintenance service annually for your HVAC system. Doing so will keep your unit in tip-top shape and your utility bills low.
  2. Do partner only with a certified and qualified HVAC contractor in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex who can perform even the most rigorous jobs and give the desired result for your comfort equipment.
  3. Do seek expert opinion and ask for recommendations. If you are positive that something is wrong with your unit, contact your trusted contractor immediately.
  4. Do change your air filter regularly. Doing it at least once a month is ideal for keeping your indoor air clean and your unit performing in peak efficiency.
  5. Do check your outdoor unit from time to time. Clean it and keep the surroundings clear from any debris, vegetation, and other elements that could cause a possible blockage.
  6. Do set your thermostat at the most comfortable temperature level and make sure it causes no strain to your unit.

The Don’ts of HVAC Maintenance

  1. Don’t take on maintenance tasks that are beyond your skills, or you’ll worsen the problem and make the repairs even more costly.
  2. Don’t think that HVAC maintenance is just another expense. When you ignore your unit, you’re also disregarding your comfort and savings for the next few years.
  3. Don’t assume that all maintenance jobs are the same. Talk to your HVAC company and ask them to customize a plan that suits your budget and needs.
  4. Don’t ignore HVAC maintenance service when you notice a sudden spike in your bills, strange noises and odor, and poor performance from your unit.
  5. Don’t skip register and vent cleaning. These parts can be coated with dust easily and cause IAQ issues in your home, so cleaning them regularly is advised.
These are just a few major things you should consider when it comes to HVAC maintenance. If you’re quite unsure of where to start, don’t hesitate to call the experts. Our team at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating is dedicated to keeping your unit working in peak performance through professional maintenance services. Contact us to get started!