The 5 Most Common Spring Air Conditioning Problems

The 5 Most Common Spring Air Conditioning Problems
The arrival of the spring season signals the time for your A/C to do its job. However, you should not expect that it will work properly since it has been idle for a long time. It could show some issues that serve as minor reminders that your comfort system needs attention. What are these issues? Here are the five (5) most common spring air conditioning problems
  1. Tripped Breaker
Breakers are created to help protect your air conditioning system and your home. The tripped breaker, however, indicates bigger problems and brings no good to your unit and living space. Sometimes, it requires a simple repair, but if not addressed correctly, the problems may lead to serious damage.
  1. Dirty Air Filter
This is a common issue that you can solve on your own. Dirty air filters can make your home less comfortable; reduce your indoor air quality; and cause your indoor coils to freeze, which may lead to severe and expensive repairs when left unattended. So be sure to change your filter once every three months or once a month.
  1. Refrigerant Leaks
Your A/C is a sealed system so it should not leak refrigerant. But when it does, bad things like the increased electric bill, uncomfortable indoor space, and costly damage to the compressor can happen. Refrigerants are greenhouse gases that are hard to detect. Call the pro to check your refrigerant charge, track down the possible leaks, and recharge it if necessary.
  1. Air Leaks
Air leaks are prevalent in spring. Heavy winter may damage your existing sealing or cause cracks and gaps around your doors and windows. Repair the leaks in these areas using weather-stripping or caulk sealant. Air leak in the ductwork is another problem. Small holes and gaps in your duct allow the conditioned air to escape, causing temperature imbalance in your home. Take note, leaks can contribute to higher energy bills and uncomfortable indoor environment. Be sure to call your local heating and cooling company for immediate repair.
  1. Thermostat Issues
Your thermostat should be programmed differently after the weather switches. After you turn on your A/C for the first time, you might wonder why your home feels uncomfortable. Check the setting on your thermostat and if it is still set for winter, recalibrate it. But if you have done everything and your home still feels uncomfortable, contact your local contractor right away. If you experience any of these problems this spring season, call us at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating right away. We will help prepare your unit and home for the warmer months.