Safe A/C Hacks For Comfortable and Efficient Summer

Safe A/C Hacks For Comfortable and Efficient Summer
Summer is terrific, and we are used to it! Along with this idea, we understand that summer season does pose a few intense threats to our comfort. There is nothing worse than interrupted sleep or no sleep at all due to the unbearable temperature. Things do not have to be this way, though. As the intense temperature rises in the great heat land of Irving, TX, we do count on the comfort brought on by our air conditioners. But how can we feel constantly comfortable while saving money from giant power bills? Here are the safe A/C hacks you can try: Draw Your Blinds and Curtains You want to minimize the escaping cold air and the seeping hot air inside your home? Then make sure that you draw your curtains or blinds on scorching days. This could be a win-win pace for you and your A/C because these fabrics will help keep the hot air out and help your unit work consistently. Your home will not be subjected to several temperature fluctuations with this smart idea. Use Portable or Window Units Cooling the whole house during the day when everyone is out for school or work sounds so expensive. You can still feel comfortable without cooling the entire space. Try using a portable unit to the area where you always stay. It will only use half of the energy consumed by a central unit to cool off the same space. Don’t Turn Your Indoor Temperature Too Low It seems tempting to turn down your indoor temperature to 70 degrees or lower, but if the 90-degree heat outside remains persistent, refrain from setting your A/C at a very low-temperature level. You must not turn your indoor temperature too far from the outside temperature when setting your A/C. By doing your part, you can surely save cash from every degree of cooling you never used, and your unit will not have to work harder to maintain the indoor comfort. Shuffle Your Furniture’s Position You may not know it, but your furniture can obstruct your air conditioning vents. Because of this blockage, the cold air that is supposedly for you was given directly to your sofa or chair. Vents have built-in plastic air boards which direct the air in a specific direction, but with appliances and equipment blocking it, the air will not be delivered to its rightful place. The easiest way to avoid this scenario is to shuffle your furniture and place it on the other parts of the room where it will not affect the airflow. Schedule A Professional A/C Service in Irving, TX and Surrounding Areas While those A/C hacks really deliver a great help regarding efficiency and comfort, it is still best to talk to an HVAC professional. We, at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, can make your summer a season to remember. Take advantage of our HVAC services to give your unit the best care. Call us today!

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