Grand Prairie A/C Pros Explain How to Pick the Right Location for a New A/C

Grand Prairie AC Pros Explains how to pick the right location for a new ac

How Do You Pick the Right Location for Your New Air Conditioner?

When buying a new home air conditioning system in Grand Prairie, TX, make sure you purchase the right size and model for your needs is crucial. A too-small A/C will struggle to keep up or remove humidity, resulting in discomfort. You need to consider the location of your new air conditioner. ac installation near me Grand Prairie, TX If you’ve been thinking about switching locations or upgrading your air conditioner, now is the time to do so. Keep reading to learn more!

Seek out a Shady Area for Your A/C

Air conditioners are not heat resistant, so the hotter it gets outside, the harder your A/C will work to keep you cool and comfortable inside. Keeping it out of direct sunlight can reduce the load on the air conditioner. The ideal setting would be in a shady place. In ideal circumstances, your technician should put the air conditioner on the north or east side of your property, where it will be naturally shaded from the sun during the hottest portion of the day. The next best alternative is to sit in the shade of a tree, especially one that doesn’t produce much debris.

Keep an Eye Out for SheddingTrees

It’s fine to put air conditioners near deciduous trees, although it may increase the amount of maintenance required. When deciduous trees drop their leaves in the autumn, the leaves might pile on the top and sides of an air conditioner. Cottonwood tree pollen, like pine needles, is renowned for clogging air conditioner coils. The airflow will be impeded if the air conditioner becomes overly covered with leaves or pollen, and its effectiveness may decrease as a result. Twigs or sticks can potentially fall inside the air conditioner, disrupting the fan’s rotation. Call an expert for A/C installation near Grand Prairie, TX.

Use Grass or Mulch as a Border

Because air conditioners require a hard, robust, and flat surface, they are typically built on concrete slabs. Apart from the slab that an air conditioner sits directly on, it’s advisable to keep any other cement or stones away from an air conditioner. Cement and stones absorb heat and then emit it. The radiating heat raises the ambient temperature around your air conditioner, forcing it to work more than it would if there were no hard surfaces nearby.

Put Up a Barrier To Keep It Away from Pets

If you have a dog (or if your neighbors have one), you’ll want to put up a barrier that prevents any canines from getting too close to your air conditioner. Dogs are prone to urinate on air conditioners, and their urine can rust the unit’s fins. Even a few tiny areas of rust from dog urine will wreak havoc on its performance. A simple technique to keep dogs away from an air conditioner is to put up a little fence or a few well-kept plants around it. Even if a few small openings through which dogs can squeeze, they will usually stop at the surrounding border and mark their territory there rather than on the unit itself. If you need help, contact a professional today for HVAC replacement in Grand Prairie, TX. hvac replacement Grand Prairie, TX

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