Best Plano HVAC Pros Discuss the Factors Affecting Furnace Installation Cost

spencer best plano HVAC pros discuss the factors affecting furnace installation cost

Factors that Affect Your Furnace Installation Cost

Furnace installation can be costly. That’s why we’re here to shed light on what things affect the costs. Continue reading to learn more!

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The Type of Furnace Your Home Needs

As you may already know, there are two main types of furnaces to choose from: gas and oil. They each have their pros and cons, but the decision ultimately comes down to your preferences. If you choose a gas furnace, installation is often less expensive than an oil furnace. 


The location of the furnace has a significant impact on price. If your home is built in a place where natural gas lines are running to it, you’re much more likely to get a lower installation cost. Oil furnaces tend to be the go-to option in places where these lines don’t exist.

The Quality of the Furnace

Just as there are varying qualities for different furnaces, quality also comes into play when deciding between a high-efficiency furnace and a standard one. Expect to pay more if you want to go with a high-efficiency unit.

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The Trim You Need To Complete the Installation

In addition to the actual furnace, you will also need a flue and vents to complete the installation process. If your home doesn’t already have these things, you can expect to pay extra for them. It would help to think about any other materials you might need for the furnace replacement near Plano, TX. This includes things like screws, filters, grilles, etc.

Time of Year

Finally, time of year plays a role in determining how much it costs to install a new furnace. If you’re interested in getting a new furnace installed, be aware that prices tend to rise around this time since demand does as well!

Also, keep in mind that weekends and evenings cost more than weekdays. This is not true for all companies, but it’s a general rule of thumb.

Your Geographical Location

As mentioned before, location is often a significant factor. There are certain country areas where natural gas lines aren’t available, so oil furnaces tend to be available.

Also, if you’re further away from your primary source of work, installation costs will be higher than usual. That’s because it takes more time and gas to complete the installation.


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