Is Your Home Leaking Air?

Most of us try to keep our home’s energy efficiency levels as high as possible. When you make an effort to ensure your HVAC systems aren’t working harder than they should be, you’re not just saving energy, you’re saving money. But what if all of your best efforts are still bringing in high electric bills. Your home may be losing efficiency through air leaks. The most frequent leaks are from drafts that come through your windows or doors. These air leaks are generally easy to identify, but air leakage can also come from less obvious spaces in your home. Check out our checklist below to see if your home has any air leaks. If you have gaps or cracks in any of the following locations, your home might be leaking air. ·       Windows and doors ·       Electrical and gas service entrances ·       Electrical outlets and light switches ·       Electrical and gas service entrances ·       Baseboards ·       Attic doors or hatches ·       Fireplaces ·       Wall and window air conditioning units ·       Cable and phone lines ·       Vents and fans ·       Check exterior corners, making sure the two sides match up correctly and there are no gaps ·       See if there are cracks or holes around outdoor water faucets ·       Make sure siding is aligned accurately with windows and chimneys ·       Search for gaps where siding or bricks meet your foundation Conducting your own energy assessment can be effective for a number of air leaks in your home, but for greater energy savings, bring in a professional. Experts can do a comprehensive energy assessment, complete with a blower door test that can help detect major sources of energy loss in your home and share information on how best to fix them for greater energy efficiency. Contact us at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating at (972) 446-COOL (2665) or by logging on to to find out more. Our longevity speaks for our quality.