Improve your Family’s Comfort in Four Steps

Living in Texas during the hottest time of year can be an uncomfortable lifestyle at times. The extreme heat and high energy bills are enough to keep your inside air temperature top-of-mind. Fortunately, Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating has some simple solutions to make even the hottest months more comfort in your home.
  1. Change your air filters. Changing those often-overlooked air filters will improve the home’s air flow and increase HVAC system efficiency. Changing your air filters can help your family breathe easier, with less sneezing, all while saving money on your monthly energy bill.
  2. Attempt to Balance Air Flow. If you have a room that doesn’t seem to get comfortable, visually check the duct work if you can access it. If your home has flex duct (movable foil ducts), check for kinks or angles over 120 degrees. Call Spencer and let one of our knowledgeable technicians perform a duct cleaning, installation of more return air openings, or a professional air balance to help your system operate more efficiently.
  3. Keep duct registers and room doors open. When too many registers or room doors are closed it’s like having a clogged bath tub drain. Conditioned air can’t flow properly when it’s being forced to move by the system. This causes excessive wear and tear on the components of the systems. Try to keep all registers open, even a little.
  4. Set the fan mode on your thermostat to the ‘On’ position. Unless your home is unoccupied for an extended period, keep the fan active. This keeps the air moving and helps improve overall comfort. Keeping the fan ‘On’ also increases your home’s air filtration, which could greatly help your home’s air quality.
Follow these tips and don’t hesitate to call Spencer to help make sure you keep your HVAC system working efficiently and your home comfortable during the hottest time of the year. Contact Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating at (972) 446-COOL (2665) or by logging on to