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At Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, we completely understand that air conditioning and heating problems can cause discomfort to homeowners, especially during extreme temperatures.

Fortunately, we have specialists who can assist you if you need help in HVAC in Plano, TX. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repair, our service professionals are ready to help 24/7!


What to Look For in HVAC Services?

24/7 Emergency Services

Don’t worry if your air conditioning or heating system fails in the middle of the night or even on a holiday because an expert professional can fix any HVAC issues. Go for a company that can come to you anytime and anywhere you need to. 

At Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, we have round-the-clock emergency services. We also have a standby team on holidays and weekends. It is our way of ensuring that anyone in Plano and nearby places who need professional help will get it in no time.

Always go for a company that has the best and most advanced service truck full of tools and specialty parts. Rest assured that our team has the necessary equipment to fix any HVAC issue right on the spot.

And if there is a need for additional parts, you have nothing to worry about. Our technicians will do their best to handle the emergency efficiently. We make sure to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Dependable and Reliable Inspection

Root for specialized technicians who never take shortcuts or skip steps when doing their jobs. One of our strict protocols is conducting an HVAC diagnostic during inspections. This is necessary to look for any issue, like old air filters, dirty coils, or clogged condensate drains.

Furthermore, with annual maintenance visits, HVAC professionals do the necessary steps to ensure every unit is in good condition. For instance, they remove debris in the air conditioning unit, grease up mechanical parts, and inspect the refrigerant levels. These are all helpful in prolonging the lifespan of an A/C.

Friendly and Highly Experienced Technicians

Our reliable technicians are one of the top reasons we are the leading company for HVAC in Plano, TX. Rest assured that our HVAC experts are all:

  •     Highly Trained Professionals– Our technicians are skilled in HVAC installations, maintenance, and repairs. They are also compliant with all the industry standards, thus guaranteeing quality outputs and the safety of our clients.
  •    Courteous and Friendly – You will also feel comfortable with our team in your house. Our technicians are polite, clean, and approachable. They will accommodate your questions and requests with smiles on their faces.
  •    Background-Checked – We perform a comprehensive background screening on applicants first before we hire our HVAC technicians. We make sure that all our employees are trustworthy.

Why Hire the Experts in HVAC?

Hiring a professional HVAC company to manage your heating and cooling systems at home is a good decision. While you can do the simple tasks of taking care of your HVAC units, you still need professionals to check on and resolve complex issues. Go for a company that has the knowledge, tools, and experience required to correct any HVAC problem properly.

Tap on the Best HVAC Company!

We uphold a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” commitment in this business. For this reason, we see to it that our clients get a guarantee for the labor, material, and performance.

So, what are you waiting for? Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating is the best company to tap for HVAC in Plano, TX.

Contact and book with us now at 972-945-8406 for your HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair needs. Our commitment to outstanding HVAC in Plano, TX, and nearby areas will continue to be our motivation behind our work.