HVAC Air Filters: What Do You Need to Know?

HVAC Air Filters: What Do You Need to Know?
The air filter in is an essential but often overlooked component of your HVAC system in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It may seem just like an ordinary cardboard box with pleated materials and fibers, but your air filter plays a crucial role in improving your indoor air quality and maintaining your HVAC system. Keep reading to fully understand the function of your air filters, what happens when they’re dirty, and what maintenance tasks are required to keep them working in an excellent performance. What Is the Function of Your Air Filter? The air filter in your HVAC system is made up of fiberglass materials, cloth, or pleated paper enclosed in a cardboard frame. It traps particles and contaminants that pass through it and clean the air before it reaches you. Air filtration happens when the expended air is delivered back into your HVAC system, and after the air is filtered, it will then be conditioned and distributed throughout your home. What Happens When Your Air Filter is Dirty? Many things could happen when you leave your air filter dirty for a longer period.
  • A dirty air filter can impact the airflow in your HVAC system, causing your air handlers to work harder and making your home less comfortable.
  • A clogged filter is among the primary sources of HVAC failures and damages. Your unit may more likely double the effort to meet your home’s comfort demands when your filter is dirty.
  • A dirty filter can increase your energy usage and utility bills. With your unit’s working under too much stress, it can consume more energy as it operates.
  • A dirty filter cannot remove the pollutants in your home. It can’t do its job when too much dirt is accumulated on it.
  • With a dirty filter, you can put your health at stake, as dust, dirt, pollen, and other airborne contaminants can freely circulate inside your home.
A dirty air filter can pose hazards to your health, safety, and comfort. Be sure to replace your air filter regularly to prevent any of the problems above. When Should I Replace My Air Filter? Your manufacturer may advise you to change your filters once every two months. But if you have a family member who suffers from light to moderate allergy, you may need to change your filter at least once a month. Homes that are less occupied and have fewer cars around may change the filter at least once every six months. Want to learn more about your air filter in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex? Contact us at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, or like our Facebook Page for more HVAC tips.