How To Help Your Air Conditioner Run Better

Air Conditioners are potentially the most critical asset of a home during hot months. They offer comfort when the stifling Texas heat is at its almost unbearable and help keep your environment just as you’d like it. So how can you help your air conditioner run better?
  • Change your home’s air filter. It’s likely the most referenced homeowner task from heating and cooling companies, but it really does make a huge difference. Dirty air filters block air flow and make it tough for your air conditioner to do its job – which means your comfort isn’t its best.
  • Seal your home’s ducts. According to the folks at Energy Star many homes can lose between 20 and 30 percent of the air that passes through them because of duct leaks and other duct complications.
  • Open your vents. It’s an awfully common mistake among homeowners, but keeping rooms closed off and vents shut in seldom used rooms doesn’t automatically mean you save money. Keeping all of your vents open helps the system do its job because airflow isn’t being prevented.
  • Air conditioner service. Experts recommend that you set up air conditioner service with Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning. Any time you have more complex issues, call in the experts.
If you’ve checked all of these tips and you’re still running in to an issue with your home’s heating and cooling system, it’s probably time for air conditioner service. Our professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating are here to help. Contact us today at (972) 446-COOL (2665) or find us online at We’ve been serving your neighbors for over 56 years. Our longevity speaks for our quality