How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired?

spencer how do I know if my ac needs to be repaired?

Generally, you will feel a lot of changes in your unit’s cooling efficiency and performance when it’s broken. It will particularly no longer keep up with the summer heat, leaving you feeling hot and sticky while causing your electric bills to drive up.

And you’re more likely to relax when your air conditioner is working just fine. But don’t be because there’s still a high chance that your A/C system needs some care and attention. In this article, you will learn when to contact the pros for immediate ac repair Southlake, TX.

Signs Your A/C System Needs an Immediate Repair

Some homeowners end up with a costly repair because they don’t know when to call for professional help. If you are in the same situation, don’t worry! Here are some signs that indicate your air conditioner needs to be checked and examined by a trusted ac repair Southlake, TX contractor:

Your Unit is Older than 15 Years.

How old is your A/C system? Is it recently installed? Or has it been serving your home for more than a decade now? Generally, air conditioners have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. So, if yours is already in its old age, it will start to develop some issues, such as a faulty thermostat and leaky ductwork.

But there’s nothing to be afraid of, as there are HVAC companies that can respond to your concern immediately. Just don’t stick to the first technician you find over the internet. Make sure to do your research and compare each company’s service before you make a decision.

You Notice Some Water Leaks Around Your Air Conditioner.

During summer, your A/C system will produce some water as it helps remove the humidity in the air. But if you notice serious water leaks around your cooling equipment, that’s not normal. It could be a sign of a clogged drain line or a refrigerant leak, which you should take seriously.

If left unresolved, this issue can cause serious damage to your system and lead to an expensive ac repair Southlake, TX.

So, if you see any water leaks, there’s no time to waste. You should have a certified contractor take a look at your air conditioner before things get worse. While the immediate inspection may cost a bit, it will be worth every penny in the long run.

The Airflow From Your Vents is Weak.

Have you ever tried holding your hand in front of one of the vents? How’s the experience? If the airflow is getting weaker day by day, you can’t help but wonder why this is happening. Well, there are several reasons for this problem. It could be because of a clogged air filter or ductwork. Or it might also be an indication of a refrigerant leak.

But to avoid any guesswork and for a better diagnosis, let the ac repair Southlake, TX technician do what they do best – inspect the nook and cranny of your vent, remove all the dirt, look for any possible leaks, and have it sealed. After which, they will test the airflow to see if it has improved.

So, with a certified HVAC contractor, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the summer breeze in your home.

You Hear Strange Noises Coming from Your Unit.

Like any other machine, your air conditioner is an intricate system of different parts working together. So, it’s not surprising if you sometimes hear some sounds especially when it’s turned on.

However, if the noise is getting louder day by day, that’s not a good sign and there could be several reasons behind it. The problem could be a culprit in loose wiring or a problem with the condenser fan motor and the contractor relay switch.

But what if your unit is not just creating a loud buzzing sound while running, but it’s also producing a hissing noise? In this case, it might be a sign of a cracked copper coil (a part of your air conditioner that stores the refrigerant).

If you ever experience this, call for an ac repair Southlake, TX contractor as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the refrigerant is all gone because it will not only damage your system but also pose a health risk to your family.

The Evaporator Coils are Frozen. 

Another sign that your air conditioner needs a professional A/C repair Southlake, TX is when the evaporator coils are frozen.

You see, when your AC is turned on, the warm air inside your home will go through the evaporator coils to be cooled down. As a result, these coils will sweat and produce some water droplets. But if the temperature inside your living space is too low or if there’s not enough airflow, the coils will freeze.

And when this happens, your unit will not be able to do its job properly. So, if you notice that the vents are blowing out warm air, check the evaporator coils first before calling for a technician. You might be able to thaw it out by yourself and save some money.

But if the damage is beyond your capability, you will need a professional to do the job for you. In case you do not have an HVAC contractor on your side yet and need your cooling system to be fixed immediately, you can search the internet for some reputable companies near you or ask your friends for some referrals to save both time and effort.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner is Broken 

It’s the middle of summer and your air conditioner decides to break down. You’re left sweltering in the heat, not sure what to do. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here, we will discuss some steps that you can take when your cooling system malfunctions when the weather is at its hottest. Take a close look at the following:

  • Check the Power Supply. Make sure that your air conditioner is plugged in and receiving power. Check circuit breakers and fuses to ensure that there are no issues on your end. In case there are potential problems, never attempt to fix them on your own because you might get injured.
  • Inspect the Air Filter. If the breakers and fuses are in great working order, that’s terrific! But don’t relax yet. The next thing you should do is to check the condition of your air filter.

    A blocked or dirty filter will restrict airflow, causing your system to work harder than necessary. This can lead to a complete breakdown when left unattended for a long time. So, if you haven’t replaced your filter in a while, now would be a good time to do so.
  • Check for Ice Buildup. Heat is not the only enemy of your air conditioner. In fact, excessive cold can damage it as well. Check the evaporator coils and see if there’s ice buildup. This usually happens when the air filter is filled with impurities or when the airflow is restricted.

    To thaw the ice, simply turn off your AC and let it melt on its own. You can also use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Just be careful not to overheat the coils!

These are just some of the things that you can do when your air conditioner breaks down. By following these steps, you can get your unit up and running before the weather gets unbearably hot.

But if the problem persists, it’s best to call an HVAC expert for help. They will be able to diagnose the issue and provide a lasting solution. Stay cool this summer!

What to Avoid When Your Air Conditioning Unit has Stopped Working

Now that you know some of the common causes of an air conditioner breakdown, let’s take a look at what you should avoid doing when your unit has stopped working.

  • Don’t Panic! This is probably the most important thing to remember. Once you realize your cooling equipment has stopped working, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed and stressed. But panicking won’t do any good, and it might even make the situation worse.
  • Don’t Try to Fix the Problem Yourself. Unless you’re a trained HVAC technician, it’s best to leave the ac repair Southlake, TX to the professionals. Not only will they be able to fix the problem more quickly and efficiently, but they’ll also be able to do it without voiding your warranty or causing any further damage.
  • Don’t Ignore the Problem.If you notice that your cooling equipment isn’t working as well as it should be, don’t ignore the problem in hopes that it will go away on its own. More often than not, ignoring an A/C issue will only make it worse.
  • Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Call for Help. As soon as you realize there’s a problem with your air conditioner, give a qualified contractor a call. The sooner we can get to work on the problem, the less damage it will cause and the less money it will ultimately cost you.

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