How Ceiling Fans Help You Feel Cool This Summer?

How Ceiling Fans Help You Feel Cool This Summer?
Ceiling fans in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can cool your home with the circulating air they produce. They provide a cooling effect on your skin and remove the heat from your body. So, if you want to stay cool and keep your utility bills low at the same time, your ceiling fans can help you achieve them. Here’s how ceiling fans can help you feel cool this summer: Effective Cooling with Moving Air Moving air feels much cooler, and this is particularly true with the air produced by ceiling fans. Your body can cool itself through a variety of ways (through evaporation, convection, etc.), and the moving air will help you cool your body fast by speeding up the process. Increases Your Body Evaporation Rate Heat is required so that the water will move from liquid to a gaseous form. So, as your sweat evaporates from your skin, it also removes the heat from your body, leaving you with a cool feeling. The moving air like the ones generated by your ceiling fan helps increase the evaporation rate, and the more sweat evaporates from your skin, the cooler you may feel. This could lead to lower cooling cost as you don’t need to run your A/C the whole time. Moves Warm Air Away Convection happens when the surrounding air is much cooler than your body temperature. For your body to cool off, it will voluntarily pass its contained heat to the air. However, the surrounding air will immediately become hotter as the heat accumulates in the surface, leaving you with a warm feeling inside your home. By turning on your ceiling fan, the warm air is moved away and replaced with new, cool air. Cools Your Home Efficiently Just like your standard air conditioning system, ceiling fans also use electricity. But is it really advantageous to run them at some point of time instead of using your A/C for the whole time? Definitely, YES! Compared to air conditioning systems, ceiling fans are much more efficient. Even though they don’t typically lower your indoor temperature, they are known effective in keeping you cool during the mild weather and reducing your utility bills. If you’re one of many homeowners looking to lower your monthly bills and keep your home cool, turn on your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are a great alternative if your air conditioning system in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is undergoing some repairs or you wish not to run it when the weather seems manageable. Contact us at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating for more cooling tips like this.

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